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3 Day "Door Knocking" Field Work Intensive

Includes Home Study Course and Tools

Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 9:00 AM (MST) to Monday, March 14, 2022 at 6:00 PM (MDT)

* Registration open until 3/12/22 at 12:00 AM ()

Event Details

3 Day One on One Training: 
(Spouse or family member included)

DAY 1 :

Tony will  plot a course of  foreclosure properties and we will visit each property and knock on the door to inquire if they want to sell. We drive the entire neighborhood knocking on every door that has even the slightest sign of “no pride of ownership”. By doing this, we find divorce situations, probate, nursing home,  loss of job, Behind on HOA, Absentee owners, tired landlords, Out of work property owners, and behind on payment situations. Then we get on the computer and do ownership searches, Title Searches, comps, taxes, and determine which are the best deals and write offers.

DAY 2:

More of the same as day one, but perhaps a different zipcode.  We will go out to find as many “hidden market” properties as possible. We will knock on doors, talk to owners, neighbors, and contractors throughout the day and accumulate a big list of distressed properties with no for sale signs. We will also be analyzing and estimating throughout the day.

DAY 3:

Follow up on all the leads we have found and prioritize any leads, Call Sellers, & send letters where needed and make a gameplan for the student for ongoing succsess. There may be a trip to the courthouse , for  the purpose of getting information that may not be online.

All deals found are 100% for the student. No money is needed for the deals, Because of the various techniques, you learn.

Your Instructor:

Tony Youngs

Tony Youngs, Tony began his real estate investment career after attending a seminar in 1986. By applying the techniques he learned, he was able to make a profit on his first deal equal to a year's wages at his regular full-time job as an aircraft mechanic, an occupation he eventually gave up forever.

Tony found his niche in the foreclosure industry and has mastered the art of tracking and acquiring properties in every stage of the foreclosure process from pre-foreclosure to REO. He is the author of the amazing “Hidden Market” System, a system of finding and acquiring properties with no for sale signs, no advertising, no competition, whatsoever, and the “7 ways to profit from one foreclosure” system.

These discoveries have earned him prestigious speaking engagements on some of the biggest real estate events in the world with audiences of 30 people to 80,000.

Over time he has been involved in more than a thousand successful real estate transactions, he has negotiated with approximately 480 distressed property owners per year, averages close to 1000 property inspections, dealt with hundreds of loss mitigation departments, and since the great foreclosure crisis began in late 2007, he visits and makes 20-30 offers per month nationwide. He has attended foreclosure auctions in just about every state in the nation and established hundreds of contacts from cash investors around the country. Tony has done about 1100 title searches per year by mastering the courthouse records room in all fifty states.

Tony has been a featured guest on countless radio, and television programs and has contributed articles and information to several magazines and data collecting services, including RealtyTrac.

For More Information:

Troy Miller
Troy Miller
CEO | ICOR (970)682-4267
3 Day Intensive comes with Home Study Course which includes:
  • 16 – Training DVD’s
  • 6 – Audio CD’s on a Thumb drive
  • 2 - manuals
  • 1 – Forms CD
  • SUPPORT: Tony’s Cellphone and email
This Home Study System is Brand New. It is designed for Right Now. Tony uses it daily for his own investments.