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Elevation Academy: Property Redevelopment

Elevation Academy: Property Redevelopment

Friday, May 14, 2021
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (MDT)

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Who Is This For?

The ELEVATION Academy is perfect for anyone beginning to invest in real estate and experienced investors looking to grow their business and expand their contractor network. We reduce investment uncertainty by teaching and improving our client’s real estate investment systems. We help clients mitigate unnecessary risks which would otherwise cost tens of thousands in mistakes and project delays.

Elevation's Proven System
  • Identify specific deals to avoid and why to stay away
  • Improve ROI by increasing efficiency & saving project costs
  • Avoid over-improving a property & other missteps
  • Receive high-quality partnerships at discounted prices
  • Tap Into the ELEVATION professional networks
  • Profit $25K-$40K on a 100-day or less project (avg.)

For More Information:

2755 South Locust Street #112
Denver, CO 80222

TO REGISTER CALL  (720) 545-0490

* Use Promo Code "ICOR" at registration, and receive  a free copy of the
"2021 Guide to Denver Investing,"
a book that benefits all experience levels and various investing sectors
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