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Financially Protect Your Family, Your Future & Your Legacy

Financially Protect Your Family, Your Future & Your Legacy

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (MDT)

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Imagine a life without the bank.

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Financially Protect Your Family, Your Future & Your Legacy

Imagine one single dollar doing multiple things at the same time:

• Building your savings

• Building for retirement

• Building a legacy for your children

• Funding your large purchases

• Covering your emergency funds

• Growing uninterrupted, even while using it

• Growing income tax free

• Recapturing outside debts

Stop paying interest to outside banks.

Stop risking your life savings in the stock market.

Start making your dollar do more for you.

Start creating a plan for generational wealth.

Join me during my upcoming webinar where I'll show you HOW this is done!


Jason K Powers is a Business Owner & Wealth Strategist with an eclectic and exciting background in real estate investing, sporting event photography, founding an international non-profit and wealth advising. Jason started a photography career over 20 years ago which has grown to national sporting events photography business today. He spent 6 years in and out of the jungles of India working with tribal villages become better self-sustaining. He started a real estate investing business after the crash of 2008, helping home owners out of distressed situations, which today has led to owning and developing a 170 acre recreation area with cabins, camping, fishing and swimming. After learning about the Infinite Banking Concept and seeing what it could do for him, Jason dove head long as a Wealth Strategist, helping others around the country change their mindset about money, and experience something life changing.

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Jason K Powers
Jason K Powers
Wealth Strategist & Authorized IBC Practitioner (303)458-6900