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iCORE SKILLS: Creative Real Estate Investing with Maria Giordano

Saturday, October 31, 2020
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (MDT)


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Creative Real Estate Investing with Maria Giordano


Fed up with sellers saying NO to your offer? Do you feel like opportunities are slipping through the cracks? Maybe, you just want to fill up your real estate strategy toolbox. Structuring a deal can be broken down into two parts: Creative Acquisitions and Creative Financing. Acquisition is how you get your name on the title. Financing is how you pay for the deal. Focusing on solving the seller’s problems will determine how you structure the deal.

There are 6 tools you can use to acquire, control, or finance a deal. In this class, we will explain and simplify each tool and give a brief case study for each. After taking this class, you will better understand how to use these strategies in your real estate business.

6 Tools to Creative Acquisitions:

  • Option
  • Lease Option
  • Agreement for Deed (Contract for Deed or Land Contract)
  • Seller Financing (Seller Carry-Back, Purchase Money Mortgage)
  • Subject-To
  • Wrap (All-Inclusive Trust Deed or AITD)

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