The Investor Life Cycle: Assets, Entities, Taxes, & Estates Workshop

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Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 9:00 AM (MDT) to Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 4:30 PM (MDT)
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Event Details

"The Real Estate Investor Life Cycle":
Assets, Entities, Taxes, & Estates Workshop

This event is designed to assist the ICOR investor in developing their business with their business's life cycle.   The subjects will be combined to cover essential activities of their activities such as:

  • Selecting entities to maximize tax benefits and reduce risk
  • Protecting assets with purchased insurance, entity selection, and trust considerations
  • Managing cash, asset protection, and trust issues
  • Planning for tax savings using deferred retirement
  • Developing strategies for both dealer and landlord projects, including the business as a whole
  • Discussing family transition strategies for assets to loved ones
  • Introducing alternative investment using proven methods
Day 1 | Saturday, May 1st 

9:00  AM        Introductions

9:15  AM       Setting up and evaluating your entity to maximize your benefits 

  1. Selecting entities
  2. Aligning your tax benefits to various entities
  3. Reducing the risk of audit
  4. Evidence-based requirements

10:15 AM     Break

10:30 AM     Quit wasting your money paying taxes you do not owe and avoid the
                            IRS booby traps 

  • Good fundamental wins games
    • Making the most of your necessary expenses
    • Necessary record keeping
    • Creating your own possibilities
    • Passive Activity Losses
    • Dealer Vs. Investor Issues

12:00 PM     Lunch Discussions – Individual Questions Available

12:30 PM     Keeping your assets from unknown lawsuits and predators – Part 1 

  • Purchased insurance issues

1:00 PM       Keeping your assets from unknown lawsuits and predators – Part 2

  • Asset protection strategies
  • Trust protection strategies

2:00  PM      Break

2:10 PM        Protecting your assets from crippling issues with Death, Divorce,

3:10 PM       Stretch

3:15 PM       Strategies to save cash when paying medical expenses 

 4:15        Questions and Discussions – Individual Questions Available

Day 2 | Sunday, May 2nd

9:00 AM        Using your business to build your retirement, Social Security and

10:10 AM     Break

10:20 AM     Exit your business to enjoy life 

  • Cashing in on your business to add to your retirement
  • Defer taxes on business and asset sales
  • Hidden strategies used to reduce your taxes and maintain your wealth

11:20 AM     Lunch

12:10 PM     Passing your business to your loved ones

  • Selling
  • Inheritance
  • Charitable

1:10 PM        Break

1:20 PM        Creating your possibility of passing it on

  • Case Study

2:50  PM       Stretch

3:00 PM        Separating Myths:  The Story of Investing

For More Information:

Troy Miller
Troy Miller
Executive Director | ICOR (970)682-4267
Individual Member

Co-Presented with 
Eve Hoelzel, Farmers Insurance

Eve Hoelzel

Eve Hoelzel has been a Farmers Insurance Agent for the last 10 years.  She takes pride in providing a building reconstruction cost analysis, insurance knowledge and customer service to business owners and real estate investors in Colorado.  Eve specializes in providing investment property coverage including but not limited to single-family rentals and large shopping centers and hotels.  Eve is ranked as one of the top 5 agency producers nationwide with Farmers Insurance for new commercial accounts as of December 2020, along with many other accomplishments as an agency producer with Farmers Insurance.