Learning Center

ICOR's  Learning Center is broken down into four areas of learning for the real estate & rental property investor:

  • Planning: with the TrueNorth Planner, we help you get to the thing that matters the most, your primary objective. There are many reasons people choose real estate, ICOR has developed to TrueNorth Planner to determine your primary objective and reverse engineer into a plan, timeline, and actionable steps t get you started.

  • The Basics: There is a base of information that you should become aware of to help get you started. Real Estate 101 covers from a 30,000 ft overview the theory and fundamentals to help get you started. There are two types of learning, vertical and horizontal. And before you decided to go deep into a particular area, ICOR believes that you should understand across the board all of the parts

  • Skills: ICOR believes that there are five core skills every investor should learn, practice, and continue to sharpen. Those include marketing, comping & estimating, negotiating, private money, and creative finance & deal structuring. These are all apart of the iCORE Skills series.

  • Strategies: As we mentioned earlier, once you've obtained the fundamentals or your horizontal education, it's time to go deep into your vertical education and master new investing strategies. Investing Strategies is ideal for those looking to expand or diversify their real estate portfolio. This comes at various points for all investors, and utilizing or revisiting the TrueNorth Planner will help determine when the time is right for you.


  • True North Planner | Section 1 of 4 (Free to anyone): Anyone who completes the True North Planner starts with Section 1. This section includes the entrepreneurial and life assessment to determine if real estate investing is right for you. This portion is free to anyone in the ICOR Learning Center 

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  • Real Estate 101 | 32+ Hours (Free to anyone): ICOR has developed alongside several Colorado Real Estate Subject Matter Experts, 32+ Hours Real Estate & Rental Property fundamentals to help you with your horizontal education as you begin to explore the world of real estate investing 

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  • iCORE Skills | 14 Hours (Included in ICOR Membership)These are skills, no matter what investing strategy you decided upon, that will be critical to your success. Starting here will give you the opportunity to begin the practice on your way to mastery. This series is taught by, both, local and national real estate investors hand chosen based on their individual experience and expertise 

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  • Investing Strategies | Ever growing Libary (25% off for Members / Full Price for Non-Members)Ready to diversify? This series is an ever-growing video library of investing strategies of Colorado and National subject matter experts who share marketing, acquisition, and creative finance & deal structuring strategies for the more active and advanced investor. 

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