2017 Trade Show Recap

ICOR Blog & News,

And the winner of the National Real Estate Investor Associate cruise is (drum roll please) Northern Colorado ICOR member Debi Baker! Congratulations and Bon Voyage!

This year’s ICOR Investor Basecamp Trade Show was packed with great information, innovation, and hungry investors!

We spent three days networking with active, new, and prospective ICOR members; meeting vendors that help real estate investors reach their goals; and learning from industry leaders who are helping guide our members to even greater success.

Of course, one of the hottest topics of discussion was “when will this all end?” According to our experts, we learned that the market is still HOT with no bubble in sight (yes, even in Colorado!). Greg Osborne of Bridge Capital Lending shared his six indicators for a healthy market and showed us that real estate investments in Colorado continue to be an excellent way to build wealth, purpose, and the freedom to design your own lifestyle.

Speaking of design, Home Depot has a gorgeous new cabinet line. Home Depot, ICOR’s long-time business partner and go-to supply resource, gave us a preview of a new line of cabinets available throughout Colorado at a great price for ICOR members. A few lucky winners even walked away with a new vanity! Thanks to National REIA everyone had a chance to make sure they were signed up for the member benefits offered through Home Depot as well (and if you by chance missed NREIA, give us a call and we will make sure you’re up to date).

Our good friends, Gary Pallini of Great Lakes REIA and Gene Guarino of Residential Assisted Living Academy, showed us some unique options for diversifying our portfolios. Gary encouraged us to consider out of state investing as way to add a few doors to our inventory and shared opportunities available for property in Ohio. Gene had us think beyond traditional nursing homes and the “Golden Girls” when considering assisted living facilities as a vehicle to expand our real estate investments.

As a complement to these presentations, Mark Willis of Lake Growth Financial Services provided information on how investors can use their own resources to self-fund their investment and keep more cash in their pockets after a deal.

If you couldn’t join us last week, you can still get ongoing inside information, education, and networking opportunities at our next ICOR meeting. We are planning a power packed fourth quarter to help our community close out the year on top and be positioned for an even better 2018.

Thanks, and see you in October!