Everyone Can Use a Calculator Right?

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You are absolutely right. You most likely have used it to balance your checking account, you have used it to figure out a tip at the restaurant, you can add – subtract – multiply – divide and various other applications. But can you calculate the time it takes to double based on what you have your money invested in? Can you calculate how to make obscene yields like 75% or even higher? Can you use one to help guide you on your road to financial success? How to make 35% on your rent payments? Can you buy with nothing down and zero percent financing? Can you increase your yield by lowering your interest rate? Do you know how to share your profits with a seller and still make a high yield? Can you make money on someone else’s money? Can you make money with no investment, and not have to join a MLM group to get it.

You will find the answers to these questions and many other questions as well!!!

Do you think that you can work 40-45 years, save up enough money that it and social security will take care of you from then on? Welcome to the life of a Walmart Greeter.

You will dispel many of your fears. I have a list of 20 fears that people posses that may keep you from doing anything at all. You will learn how to overcome these fears, identify where you want to be and how to get there. You will identify what your stress tolerance level is, and will allow you to achieve and how you can take the right path to meet that goal.

You will learn concepts to use in everyday life while doing the things you like to do. You can make more money with your calculator than you can with a hammer. You needn’t stress out about being unethical, this is all done in a fair and businesslike manner. Many people will say to you that you are violating usury laws, find out why you are not.

You will learn the formula C_S_M_L and how to expand on it.

You can start where you are and just go forward no matter where you are in life!!! Only you can tell you where to start and finish in life – no one else.

And remember you will be able to use 5 little buttons on that financial calculator along with the numeric numbers and functions like add, subtract, multiply and divide (just like you do now) and you can through away the manual that came with your calculator.

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