Hoping It Holds Together

Posted By: Larry Stone ICOR Blog & News,

Nothing like watching the Tom Cruise’s Top Gun remake – Top Gun Maverick – as his character “Maverick” takes his plane in jaw dropping, teeth shattering flights to make one think. I thought – I hope that airplane holds together.

I knew it would. An airplane goes through strict regimen of quality control during design and build of the aircraft. Just the wings are tested to the limit to make sure it does not fail. See this article about testing a regular aircraft wing and not the wing of a fighter plane designed for supersonic speeds - https://blog.boomsupersonic.com/what-are-wing-bend-tests-and-how-are-they-performed-92f0bd424795. I am glad they do. It gives me comfort that I will be safe.

You may not be pushing an F/A-18 to its limits such as “Maverick” did in the movie, but you do want the same quality control in your life. Everything has quality control attached to it – including my underwear.

When you look for a tax professional, do you ask what is their quality control practice? How do they work to identify mistakes and missed opportunities so they can provide you with the best results possible? It is a question you should always ask.

At Stone Wealth Strategies, Formerly Stone CPA and Advisors, our quality control process begins with you. You are at the source of quality in your tax returns. The first concern is the information you do not know you do not know. We want to provide that to you so we can get the best results. The second concern is the information you think you know but is not true. We address these concerns with a detailed tax plan documented in writing to explain how you are allowed to reduce your taxes and save cash.

Our quality control process continues during the tax preparation procedure. After you provide the information to us, we review and organize it and develop a list of questions and clarifications. These questions and clarifications are designed to obtain necessary documentation and uncover what may be missing which would make a difference.

The next step in our process is our 3 step Quality Control review. The first step is a complete review following the Quality Control Checklist by the preparer himself – an experienced professional. The second step is a complete detailed review for quality by a peer – another experienced professional. A third review is performed by the Tax Manager – a seasoned 39-year CPA tax professional. These reviews look for what is missing that might make a difference.

The last step in the process is a detailed review with the client. We look together not only to identify mistakes and missed opportunities but to improve the client’s understanding of the tax situation.

So, like Maverick taking on 10Gs in a steep climb in his F/A-18, he does not want to worry about nuts and bolts flying off the wings. You should not have to worry about mistakes and missed opportunities that could cost you thousands. We offer the Discovery Session to determine if we can truly bring value to your tax situation, reduce your taxes, and save cash. To find out more about our Discovery Session, email info@stonewealthstrategies.com.