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3 Day Door Knocking Bootcamp

Education & Information

3 Day Door Knocking Bootcamp  (in Denver area)

March 11th, 12th, & 13th | 9 to 5 each day

DAY 1- Classroom Plot Our CourseWhat qualifies as a “Hidden Market” Property

How to find owners

Using Local Courthouse Records

Bankruptcy Research

Contract Writing

Offer Presenting


DAY 2 – All Day in the “Field”

Deal Hunting/Door Knocking

Find 25 Hidden Market Properties

Visit Local Foreclosures

“Live” interaction with homeowners, neighbors, contractors, & dogs

We will find probates,  bk’s, foreclosures, vacant,  Unlisted REO’s, all with no 4 sale signs

DAY 3 - 9:00 to 5:00

Analyze all the properties we found

Find out if taxes are behind

Find all liens on the properties

Calculate and write offers

Make “Live” phone calls with sellers

Home Study included with 3 Day Event


16 – Training DVD’s

  1. How to choose Properties & Plot a Course
  2. How to find “Hidden Market” deals while running the course (No For Sale Signs)
  3. How to Find & Contact Owners of Hidden Deals
  4. How to use courthouse records
  5. How to do comps without being a licensed agent
  6. How to estimate repairs and inspect the property
  7. All about sending letters
  8. Writing Offers and presenting them
  9. Attend Foreclosure Auctions without money
  10. Build your local cash buyers list
  11. Probate properties without competition
  12. Estimating Repairs/inspecting
  13. Renovating
  14. How to legally assign a contract
  15. Buying through Bankruptcy 
  16. Probate Profits


6 – Audio CD’s on a Thumb drive

2 - manuals

1 – Forms CD

SUPPORT: Tony’s Cellphone and email


Price: $997

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