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Creative Offer Path Bootcamp – Live 2 day training with the NoteSchool

Education & Information

Creative Offer Path Bootcamp – Live 2 day training with the NoteSchool Team where we walk you through from start to finish all our Creative Offer deal making secrets and help you implement them in your own business! Plus a 3rd Bonus day on Non-performing Note and Partials

  • Bonus #1: Big Money Clauses
  • Bonus #2: Deal Design Case Study
  • Bonus #3: Tax Secrets Expert Interview
  • Bonus #4: Personalized Implementation Session
  • Bonus #5: Getting The “Yes” Now Special Report
  • Bonus #6: Million Dollar Note Investor Bonus Day


Two-Day Live Virtual Event – Hands On Assistance … so you can start making money quickly

  1. Step-by-Step Process - Turning Qualified Sellers Into Deals Today …. So you can scale up your business faster
  2. Implementation Workbook – Faster Success …. So together we can customize this for your business


Here is what you will get when register for this event 

Phase  1 Startup 
  • Understand how making simple, straightforward creative offers benefit you by closing more deals
  • Find the perfect qualified sellers without wasting time so you can talk to more sellers
  • Confidently focus on the right creative offer for each seller that allows you to save time
During Phase 2 “Script” you will learn how to… 
  • Ask the right questions that qualify sellers fast so you can know what leads to investing more time in
  • Expertly overcome objections like you’ve been doing this for years
  • Structure highly profitable offers that leave no money on the table so you can make more

You know a lot of people are out there grinding every day. It’s nice to know that the deals we are designing are working for me in the short-term and long-term,

Can you feel how good this is?
  • When you know how to get more exclusive deals you can travel more, you can spend more time with family…more choices in life
Phase 3 Success you will learn how to… 
  • Present offers that get accepted quickly so you can build more confidence in your team

  • Conquer every concern around your offer so you can sleep well knowing you are not losing deals

  • Close with confidence knowing you chose the right strategy so you can scale up your business

We have made it rinse and repeat so you don’t have to work so hard.

Are lightbulbs going off in your brain?

“Listen, Here’s what NoteSchool has, This is everything you need and you are guaranteed to be satisfied or your money back, no questions asked. 

  • Private companies actively seek Eddie Speed and his team out and hire him at obscene rates.
  • Just to share a bit of what he knows about making creative offers that get accepted and don’t leave money on the table.
  • And he is pretty picky on who I work with turning away the majority of offers
  • The reason Eddie has bought over 50,000 deals and evaluated another 300,000 is because he developed relationships with other deal makers
  • My main goal is to help everyone in this program get the result they want and when they want to sell their completed deal we would love the opportunity to take a look at it or maybe list it on my exchange at Notes Direct
  • So we get more deals done with your help.
  • And that means today you will not be paying the retail value of Creative Offer Path Bootcamp, not even close.
  • Today when you register this program is on sale for just $997
  • How does that sound?


Choose Your Class Date

December 2nd & 3rd, 2022 (With a Bonus Day on the 4th)


January 18th & 19, 2023 (With a Bonus Day on the 20th)

  • Select your date
  • Pick any date
  • Lock in your discount
  • We can move you to an upcoming class
  • take what we started last week and implement it into your business
  • And you'll get a grab bag of different tips and tactics and strategies that we've isolated from looking at over 300,000 deals
  • This is something where we provide worksheets and checklists and step-by-step implementation guides
  • So you could have them and utilize them for the rest of your business life.
  • everything is going to be available to you. 
  • You're going to get the checklists as well. Cause that's part of everything. 
    You're going to get all the handouts, uh, all the templates, all this stuff.
Price: $997
No longer available