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Gold in Notes Package

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  • 3 Day VIRTUAL Live Intensive “Rich Rewards in Notes” Class (Valued at $1,997) – a 3 day advanced training that is a deep dive into all aspects of the creative finance and note business. The event is built around your input and desires making it unique and like no other training you’ve ever been to.
  • FREE BONUS TICKET for spouse or significant other  to the 3 Day Class ($500 value)- Bring your business partner or a family member to help create and grow your legacy
  • Rich Rewards in Seller Financing (Performing Notes) Online On Demand Home Study Couse with Workbook ($500 Value)- A step by step training on everything in the performing note business- from the historical point of view, to flipping a note, to selling a  partial.
  • Big Money from Bad Debt (Non-Performing Notes)  Online On Demand Home Study Course with Workbook ($500 Value)- A huge wave of defaulted mortgages on upon us and this course will reveal how to source and buy defaulted notes, how to work with hedge funds and the “lingo” needed to make you credible.
  • Nothing Down Deal Architect Online On Demand Home Study Course with Workbook ($1,000 Value)- This course walks you through everything in seller financing- from how to find the properties to finance, how to build the terms, pitch to the homeowner, and close the deal!
  • Quick Start Guide Getting the Property Seller to the Yes ($150 value) – Simple steps to close a deal on terms instead of cash and double your conversion rate
  • Quick Start Guide 5 Steps to Dictating Terms to your Lender ($150 value)- Getting the seller to agree to terms that a bank would never agree too (like no interest of no down payment, no payments for 6 months)
Price: $597

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