Professional Housing Provider Designation

The PHP designation is a nationally recognized certification designed for Real Estate Investors by our parent organization, National REIA. It lets people who do business with you know that you have committed to a higher level of education than other Real Estate Investors. It sets you apart from people who merely “play” at Investing.

As a Professional Housing Provider, you will show your commitment to professionalism by

  • Educating yourself on the craft of Real Estate Investing through courses, seminars, workshops, and online training.
  • Learning the laws, rules and regulations that affect Real Estate Investing.
  • Understanding how your professionalism affects other Investors nationwide and gives all Investors a voice for political action.

When you attend our Monthly Meeting, a workshop or seminar, or complete an online course, you will earn PHP credits in different subjects related to Real Estate Investing. As your knowledge and skills grow, so will your professionalism.

ICOR provides complete tracking of your PHP credits. When you complete the requirements, you will receive recognition from our National office and here at ICOR, too, so you can proudly show your fellow Investors and the people you do business with your commitment to excellence.

*You must be an active and maintain an active membership with ICOR in order to receive or maintain this designation. You accrue hours toward this designation through ICOR Monthly Meetings, Workshops, and Educational Events.

Click Here to Visit the National REIA Website for details on Course Study & Requirments to Obtain & Maintain this DesignatioN