Again, I want to say how impressed I truly am with all ICOR is providing.  I think it goes unnoticed until you compare what you’ve done to other ICOR organizations outside of Colorado.  There truly is no comparison; you have a world-class outfit.  Thank you and I’m proud to be a part of it.  - Matthew Hollingsworth
"After reviewing, I realized that I could not afford to give up the ICOR membership. The saving the Home Depot Proextra gives me would be lost and I would actually end up paying more with the loss of the Proxtra account." - Paul Jones 
"I just want to take time to thank Troy at ICOR for being so proactive and informative with the changes in our legislation. He really helps our voices to be heard at the levels that are needed.
Also, I really like the new rental platform he has created! It is for landlords to discuss different relevant topics and network. I think it will be very helpful and I love that it is zoom. It saves time for me at least.
Thank you Troy and ICOR!" - Julie Draper
“I have been to many investor meetups in the last 6 months and ICOR is definitely one of my favorites. I felt like the people attending were more serious and professional.” - Jodi L.
"Every event I have ever attended that ICOR has put on has been amazing! I always learn something and am able to network with other like-minded investors. Plus, all the discounts and savings I get at places like Home Depot are worth 10x what the membership costs. Thanks for always providing such great info and support!" - Travis Hlavka
"This was my first meeting with this group. I was impressed with the quality of the content, the organization, and the opportunity to meet such high-quality people." - Rick
"We have been to a number of trainings offered through ICOR and want you to know you have earned our trust and respect in your bringing to us relevant and quality information and trainings through people and companies of integrity - - Priceless!! Keep up the great work. You are helping many people, and we thank you." - Hanna Sparks
"Professional, inclusive and committed to member education- highly recommended!" - Allison
"Troy and the team at ICOR are invaluable to the Denver Metro real estate investor. Their meetings are not only well thought out and meticulously organized, but the information you get from such valuable speakers is incredible! If you are new to investing, or a seasoned vet, I would highly encourage you to check them out!" - Robert Groll
"Investment Community of the Rockies is a great place to network and expand your real estate knowledge. Troy does an excellent job providing educational opportunities and value for membership." - Michael Weakly