Short-Term Rental Research

Industry-leading data that drives the market

Gain valuable competitive insights on Airbnb and Vrbo rental properties. Use interactive maps to explore the performance of specific neighborhoods and individual vacation rental properties in over 80,000 cities worldwide. Benchmark you short-term rentals against your competitors and learn what knobs to turn to dial up your financial performance.

Investigate over 25 key performance metrics such as: 

  • Average Daily Rate
  • Occupancy
  • Rental Revenue
  • RevPAR
  • Active Listing
  • Booking Lead Times

Date Driven Dynamic Pricing

Real-time insights to set the perfect price everyday

What events are really driving up rates and occupancy in your area? At what times are guests willing to pay a premium? How likely are you to be booked last minute?

MarketMinder is the only dynamic pricing tool that can predict short-term rental demand in every market worldwise. Compare market rates to recommended rates based on your own property performance to get the most personalized dynamic pricing recommendations possible.

Take control of your revenue management by taking the guesswork out of your pricing strategy.

Also available for API.

Full Access Subscriptions Available that Include:
  • Real-Time Pricing Insights
  • Historical Market Performance Trends
  • Property-Level Occupancy Rates and Revenue
  • Airbnb Property Benchmarking

Forward-Looking Airbnb Data

Smart pacing tools to spot future trends in your market

Forward-looking Vrbo and Airbnb data have become more important than ever. With MarketMinder's pacing features, users can discover the exact dates over the next 6 months that are currently getting booked. See how these trajectories stack up to last year's and see if your strategy needs a refresh.

Plus, find out the difference between how your market is advertising its prices and the rate at which they're actually getting booked. Use these tools to maximize your Airbnb occupancy and give your rental business a leg up on the competition.