About ICOR

What Makes ICOR Different

In real estate investing, you find yourself with options for information, networking, and education. As you navigate this sometimes maze, you encounter "meetups", "networking groups", and "educators" and you quickly, and sometimes not, discover the intention might not align with yours. We always encourage you to ask the question, what is their intention? ICOR's intention is simple:

  • As the Colorado State Chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association, our sole focus is to Promote, Protect, and Serve our segment of the real estate  industry

  • ICOR's Mission: "To empower individuals looking to achieve their desired lifestyle through real estate investing by providing practical learning, networking, & advocacy for the real estate entrepreneur."

  • ICOR's Vision: "To create effective & ethical real estate entrepreneurs who impact Colorado communities & beyond."

Holding ICOR Accountable

ICOR goes above and beyond, and is required an annual review and audit process:

  • In order to maintain its chapter status with National REIA, ICOR undergoes an extensive annual audit to make certain that it is adhering:
    • honorable and ethical practices through a transparent disclosure of operations
    • adhering to local, state, and national law, including staying current with the Colorado Attorney General and Annual Tax Filing
    • adhering to the gold standard for membership association practice through ongoing training through National REIA & the American Society of Association Executives
  • We are certain that no other "meetup or real estate investing group" is reviewed and held to the same set of standards that ICOR is.

ICOR is Rooted in a Philosophy of Abundance, Starting with Its Founding Members...

ICOR is a Real Estate Investors Association (or REIA) founded in 2007 by local Colorado Real Estate Investors, Dave Lund, Greg Vogel, and Mike Vogel (as seen in the video above). Their philosophy about Real Estate Investing is founded on the belief that we all become better Investors by helping each other, that "the rising tide lifts all boats," which interestingly enough is where ICOR's annual membership award receives its name. Those who not only are excelling in real estate personally but contribute by supporting those in the community around them.