ICOR Mentor Match

Investing in mentorship can...
1. Greatly increase your probability of success
2. Add a level of accountability to hold your feet to the fire
3. Save you time by NOT having to recreate the wheel
4. Give you an extra set of eyes through someone who has "been-there-done-that"
5. and Ultimately save you from making VERY costly mistakes

What's the Process?          I want to Schedule a Mentor Match Discovery Session! 

Choosing the right mentor can be tedious and nerve-wracking, but having a champion and advocate in your corner can give you the information and resources to quickly make an informed decision. This program is created to help give investors peace of mind when it comes to selecting a potential mentor:

  • MENTORS: ICOR trusted and vetted local and national subject matter experts who help the ICOR community members avoid having to recreate the wheel with seasoned eyes to help you avoid costly mistakes

  • MENTEES: real estate professionals like you at all levels and types of real estate investing

This unique development tool helps you increase your rate and pace of success, get access to resources and tools, navigate industry issues and avoid common and sometimes costly mistakes.

ICOR Mentor Match is a Three-Part Process
1. Begin Your Search

 Start by selecting the topic(s) of interest which include: 

  •   Mentoring Skills
  •   Career Stage
  •   Investing Strategies  

2. Connect
  1. Schedule a 30 Minute ICOR Mentor Match Discovery Session with Troy Miller, ICOR CEO

  2. Following this event, Troy will send you a debrief email with recommendations based on your conversation.

  3. From there,  you choose who you would like to set up appointments for deeper sessions to discuss mentoring details, logistics, ultimately narrowing in on finding the right fit for you

  4. We will schedule 1-on-1s with your prospective mentors to make sure you and they are a good fit

3. On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Once you have decided, we will get you set up with materials and resources, and connect with your mentor to start as soon as you are ready!

So, are you ready to invest in your or your family's future? Let's get started!

Click Here to Schedule Your 30 Minute Mentor Match Discovery Session