If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone; If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

Why a Mastermind?

The structure of a mastermind group makes it easy for entrepreneurs to grow and learn together.

  • Expand Your Thinking: get other perspectives from people with similar goals

  • Borrow innovative ideas

  • Connect with people who already understand what you’re going through – we know it’s lonely at the top, when all the decisions are yours

  • Develop an actionable & achievable plan for your business

  • Leverage the power of accountability to stay on track

  • Build relationships through your connections. The power of being introduced to potential partners by people who know them is unparalleled.

How does this Mastermind work?

  • There’ll be a group of five to seven members who share similar goals and experiences

  • The group meets regularly – monthly, in our case

  • Every meeting, there will be dedicated time for each member to be in the spotlight. You’ll bring your particular challenge and the group will provide their input.

  • There’s a facilitator – this is a key requirement for a successful mastermind group, A professional facilitator keeps the group on track and provides valuable check-ins.

  • Accountability is a cornerstone of a mastermind group - ours will include a weekly Monday check-in to keep every member moving forward

  • The Mastermind group will run for nine months.

In partnership with INC 

Katy Fleming, Director of Investors Network Community (INC), will be your facilitator.

INC began in 2010 as a real estate investors meetup for members to learn and succeed through networking in a facilitated, interactive meeting format. In 2020, Katy Fleming changed the model because she understood that while the networking and education were valuable, too many members were not following through on their investment strategies. The new model focuses on enhancing productivity and achieving personal and financial success through a Mastermind Community. 

The INC Bonus
  • Goal-setting and action planning event.  The outcome: a personalized plan you’ll use for the next year. This is a 12-hour program (delivered in two-hour sessions twice a week for three weeks). Includes an action guide and tools you’ll be able to use now and in the future ($97)

  • Access to a private online forum for members to connect, collaborate and share resources in between the meetings. (invaluable)

  • Hiring & Managing Virtual Assistants ($197)

  • Online Products for Extra Real Estate Related Income ($197)

What does it cost?

for the nine-month program (including one annual ICOR membership)*

*Existing ICOR Members will receive one year onto the remainder of their existing membership


The ICOR Bonus
  • One annual membership in ICOR ($249)

  • Mar 23 | Short Sales Accelerator ($125)

  • May 4 | Master Leasing Accelerator ($125)

  • Two more Accelerators coming in the fall ($125 each)

Take your first step toward a plan for 2024. 

Come to ICOR's TrueNorth Planner Session

Take months off your development cycle and get  focused on the right things. 

Virtually all new investors start without a clearly defined path.  ICOR is here to help you design your personal pathway to achieving your goals and changing your life.

  • 3.5 hour group consultation 
  • The perfect foundation for the real work of the planning retreat the mastermind includes!
  • Just $29


Interested in the Mastermind but unsure if it's right for you?

Schedule a 30-minute one-on-one conversation with Troy Miller,
Real Estate Investor and Executive Director of ICOR.