ICOR's Interviews with ICONs

Interviews with Investors who have capitalized on 50 years of Real Estate

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Saturday, January 30, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:00 PM (MST)
Zoom Online

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ICOR’s Interviews with the ICONs:

“Was 2020 really the Worst,
and is 2021 ripe with opportunity?"

January 30th | 9 am to 5 pm MST
Interviews with Investors who have capitalized on 50 years of Real Estate Cycle and represent 400 years of real estate investing experiance

Join ICOR for a stellar event of the who’s who of real estate investing as ICOR asks its All-Star educators interview their mentors-with a keen focus on 5 decades of real estate cycles and experience examining where we are and the best plays for future portfolios

We will take a look at the past 10 months of investing, and the best practices for this new real estate cycle. Join us for in-depth conversations and participation through question and answer sessions with these real estate icons.


In fact, if you don't know this list of "Who’s-Who," we highly recommend googling them to see the power of this event.

Why attended this event…
  • Some of the most creative real estate investors on the planet
  • 1 on 1 Interview: ICOR's All-Star Educators interview their mentors
  • 7 Interviews with investors who collectively have over 350 years of real estate experience
  • Experience in all real estate strategies spanning 50 years of Real Estate Cycles
  • Bring your questions, opportunities for attendees to participate in sessions
  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge to apply to your business now
  • Don't know what you don't know, here is an opportunity to undo that
  • Dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s for your 2021 business plan

For More Information:

Troy Miller
Troy Miller
Executive Director | ICOR (970)682-4267
Individual Member

Interviews include:

  • Peter Fortunado (Creative Finance)
  • John Schaub (Buy & Hold/Seller Financing Investor)
  • Dykes Boddiford (Asset Protection & Trusts)
  • Bill Cook (Creative Finance)
  • Demetri Fefes (Colorado/Creative Finance)
  • Jeff Watson (Retirement Acct Investing)
  • Lyle Wall (Retirement Acct Investing)
  • Kim Cook (Creative Finance)
  • Kim Hubbard (Colorado Real Estate & Finance)
  • Stan Bullis (Colorado/Creative Finance)