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Seizing Unprecedented REO & Lease Option Opportunities in a RE Reset Wksp

with Andy Heller

Saturday, January 27, 2024
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (MST)

Event Details

Imagine you could go back in time and someone came to you in 2007 with a crystal ball as to the future.

You were told if you took a couple preparatory steps, you would be in a position and able to buy investment real estate 40%, 50%, and 60% below market for a 1-2-year period. This would be a generational opportunity, and with this tip in 2007 you would be able to set yourself up for life.

Today in 2023 the experts are predicting a down turn and a reset, we are hearing about bank failures. 

We don't think it will be as bad as 2007, but wouldn't you like to be ready to roll if it is even just a bit bad?

And consider banks were foreclosing well before 2007 and continued right up until COVID, which was a severe anomaly.  Wouldn't you like to know which banks you can reach out to and how best to approach them to get on their cash buyers list?  And no matter how you buy the house - you need to sell it and with interest rates at all-time highs it's getting harder and harder for buyers to qualify for a loan.  Knowing how to utilize lease options opens you up to a whole new pool of buyers for higher than market value so you can maximize your profits.

Andy Heller will be teaching exactly what is happening in today’s real estate market and the opportunity of a lifetime this will lead to for those investors ready to take advantage as the market shifts.  

Many experts are predicting the real estate opportunity of a lifetime. Or at least of this decade.

Come learn from the nations leading expert in REOs and Lease Options. And bring your questions as he has about 2 hours of Q & A time built into the day so he can make sure he gets all your questions answered.

For everyone who pre-registers and attends, we have the following bonuses: 

 A digital copy of Andy's special report "10 Ways to Buy Low", a 45 page report to get you started with finding deals.
We include Lunch for everyone so you don't have to leave, which gives Andy more time to TAKE YOUR QUESTIONS.
And last, Andy is bringing his book Buy Even Lower to hand out to everyone at the end of the class.

For More Information:

Troy Miller
Troy Miller
CEO | ICOR (970)682-4267
About Our Presenter:
Andy Heller,
Lease Option Specialist

Andy Heller is a husband and father of two kids. He teaches real estate investing to new and seasoned investors nationwide. Born in Canada, Andy emigrated to the United States as a child. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Finance and Marketing.

Andy co-authored two real estate investing books and had no intention of writing another book. After his own divorce, he saw a massive gap in the self-help space for men and women navigating through divorce. His new book, “Take the High Road,” is his “give back” effort to make the process easier for those who are considering or who are on the divorce path.