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“Strategies for Tax & Cash-Flow Benefits, with Case Studies” Webinar

Wednesday, December 7, 2022
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)


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With cost segregation, we can identify significant advantageous depreciation deductions for taxpayers by recategorizing assets individually.

Cost Segregation studies are more affordable than ever and the ROI for the building owner is very compelling. There are additional benefits for write-offs when a building component becomes obsolete or is removed from service (for example in a repair or renovation).

This webinar covers information important to anyone holding real estate investments who would like to pay less income tax this year and every year.

After this presentation you will understand:
  • What is Cost Segregation and what are the advantages to the taxpayer?

  • When should a study be done?

  • How would this work for different property types? (multiple real-world case studies)

  • What is Partial Asset Disposition and how can I take advantage?

  • What about Depreciation Recapture? Additional benefits of Cost Seg come at the time of sale.

  • How to request an estimate for your specific property to see potential benefits (and then run by your tax preparer)

For More Information:

Brad Weed
Brad Weed
Cost Segregation | National Account Executive (970)294-1509
About Our Presenter: 

Brad Weed is an active member of ICOR and active real estate investor who personally uses cost segregation as a strategy to pay less taxes, perform better 1031 exchanges, and put more money back into buying rentals, flipping houses, and hard money lending. He is contracted by CSSI, the largest and most experienced preparer of Cost Segregation studies, to consult and sell cost segregation studies for property anywhere in the USA