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Succeeding with Contractors – avoiding the “Gotchas” Workshop

Saturday, October 22, 2022
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (MDT)

Event Details

Good contractors can save your investment; bad contractors can cost you your investment. Learn the best ways to work with contractors so you both win.

  • Choosing a contractor
  • Dealing with disagreements
  • Seeing the project from both sides
  • Managing the project

    Learn to:
    • Vet contractors
    • Leverage the magic of the change order
    • Evaluate bids
    • Negotiate a fair deal
    • Protect your interests
    Workshop Goals:
    • Why “Lunch on Fridays”
    • Understand contractors’ POV
    • Rehab areas to pay attention
    • Get it in writing
    • Lessen “surprises”
    • Communication is paramount
    • Why on-site visits
    • It helps to know your numbers
    Here is the tentative list of Contractors & Specialists we will be interviewing:
    • General Contractor
    • Plumber (supply, sewer)
    • Electrician
    • HVAC Contractor
    • Roofing Contractor
    • Siding/Windows/Gutter Contractor
    • Landscaping Contractor
    • Structural Specialist
    Created for:

    • New investors
    • Intermediate investors

    These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in our upcoming seminar:

    1. How much money do I need to put down?
    2. How do I know the contractor won’t just take the money and run?
    3. How can I ensure the work is being done properly?
    4. What’s the best way to get things done?
    5. How do I know what I don’t know?

    For More Information:

    Troy Miller
    Troy Miller
    CEO | ICOR (970)682-4267

    Your Instructor:

    Sandy Haworth,
    COO of ICOR and Active Investor

    Sandy Haworth brings three-plus decades of experience in marketing, sales, management, publishing, entrepreneurship, and real estate investing.

    In the past 4 years, Sandy has rehabbed 24 properties in the Denver Market, acquired multiple rentals in the St Louis Market, and holds a short-term rental in Summit County.

    Spending most of her career in Chicago and New York, Sandy has built companies from the ground up through sales and unique integrated marketing programs.

    After launching her investment company, Yellow Dog Development, Sandy quickly added to her portfolio by doubling the profit on her first renovation and is on track to continue the trajectory with her next few renovations. With a keen eye for design and a passion to renovate with a personal touch, Sandy looks forward to sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas to help ICOR and its membership grow and continue its success.