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The RainMaker Forum: A Networking Experience for Forward Thinking Investors

Thursday, April 25, 2024
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (MDT)
18 Seats Remaining

Event Details

Are you a RainMaker... or a high-performing,
high-volume, high-networth investor?
Then, this event is for YOU!
The market has shifted, and solopreneurs are being “gatekept” from the best deals. Partnerships and OPM are the only way to survive!


8:30 am | Registration Open

9:00 am | Welcome & Introductions

  •  Goals, Guidelines, & Outcomes

9: 15 am | Hot Button Issues

  • Level up: Scaling your portfolio while legally and ethically using other people’s money (OPM)
    with Byron Elliott, 3 Pillars Law
    • Preferred Equity positions
    • Debt Funds
    • Distressed Asset Funds
    • Property Taxes and interest Rates effects on pro formas

  • The Market is Not the Risk, Your Unforced Errors Are: Emerging Trends in Partnerships & Joint Ventures
    with CJ Conant, Hatch Attorneys 

    • Are You a Lender, a Partner or Both?
    • Can you Trust the Trust?
    • Can you Rely on an O&E or is that an E&O?
    • Don’t be Shy About Oversight and Control.
    • Trends in Seller Non-Disclosure Litigation.

10: 50 am | Break

11: 00 am | How to Raise Your First Million:
                          Without Having to Source Your Own Deals 
with Chris Lopez

11:40 am | Resources

12: 00 pm | Networking Lunch

1:00 pm | Knowledge Crowd Sourcing

  •  I am interested in talking about
  • I am a subject matter expert in…

2: 45 pm | Break

3:00 pm | Ask the Room: “I have a question, need, or want.”

4:30 pm | Key Takeaways: What Next?

5:00 pm | End of Program & Optional Networking Happy Hour

5:15 pm | OPTIONAL Offsite Happy Hour

For More Information:

Troy Miller
Troy Miller
CEO | ICOR (970)682-4267
From a High Level:
  • Private live event limited to 50 attendees ONLY
  • ICOR Members register for $249, general admission is $397, 

  • Lunch and refreshments provided

  • For INVESTORS who want to network, learn and grow and adapt with the new market

  • Speakers and workshop facilitators are all top REI experts and lawyers

  • Workshop- and network-oriented so you can meet the people you do your NEXT DEAL with

  • Agenda sneak-peek

    • Scaling your portfolio while legally and ethically using other people’s money

    • The market is not the risk, your unforced errors are

    • How to raise your first million without having to source your own deals

    • Introducing the mastermind and fractional ownership platform

    • Knowledge crowdsourcing session with attendees

    • Off-site happy hour / after party

  • Be added to our online community so you can stay in touch after the event
  • Recordings and transcripts from the day’s presentations and workshop