iCORE Skills Series 

Marketing for the best leads requires a consistent systematic approach. Whether you door knock, drive for dollars, place bandit signs, or direct mail, you will learn the essentials for efficient marketing success. In this drill down session, you will learn the essentials of marketing and how to handle those leads when they start coming in like a fire hose, compile your lists and build on them, when to mail your list and how many times to mail it. How about what to do with bad leads or returns that most people throw away? Plus, how to plan to start your funnel and feed your pipeline.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The top marketing strategies to get motivated sellers calling you
  • How to Manage your leads
  • What to do with the returns—Huge Tips on this one
  • How to market yourself to be the only logical choice whether there’s competition or not.
  • What to mail out, when to mail it, and how often to mail it
  • Why marketing is the key to your success, how to test and assess!

With so many bad deals and unreliable information floating around, you can easily get stuck with someone else's hot potato. Understanding this process allows investors to work backward and determine their offer, renovation budgets, profits, sales price, and more…

After this class, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to write offers on every property you come across and tell the difference between a stud or a dud. We'll be evaluating properties in today's market. In this class you'll learn:


  • How to determine the ARV (after repair value)
  • How to gather accurate information
  • What is the 70% rule and should you use it?
  • How to comp a property without MLS


  • Understand the 3 different types of renovations
  • Break down rehab costs for each type
  • Best formulas and resources to use to calculate rehab budget

When you negotiate, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. It’s a learned skill that 90% of investors ignore or believe they do well. More money is left on the table and fewer deals are found because most investors aren’t negotiators. As a result, they don’t know how to negotiate with sellers. This iCORE Skills Session seeks to tip the scales in your favor!

Concepts covered:

  • Letting your negotiations simmer. The importance of pace and patience
  • Why “Yes” is bad and “No” is good.
  • Know how to effectively label your counterpart's emotions during the negotiation
  • Mirroring—the skills of active listening. Calming the schizophrenic.
  • The Ackerman principle for negotiating price. How to use extreme anchors to get you your price.

Psssst…. This works…..Contractors, wanting to buy a new car, get your employer to give you a raise and even negotiating bedtimes with your kids, too!

Fed up with sellers saying NO to your offer? Do you feel like opportunities are slipping through the cracks? Maybe, you just want to fill up your real estate strategy toolbox. Structuring a deal can be broken down into two parts: Creative Acquisitions and Creative Financing. Acquisition is how you get your name on the title. Financing is how you pay for the deal. Focusing on solving the seller’s problems will determine how you structure the deal.

There are 6 tools you can use to acquire, control, or finance a deal. In this class, we will explain and simplify each tool and give a brief case study for each. After taking this class, you will better understand how to use these strategies in your real estate business.

6 Tools to Creative Acquisitions:

  • Option
  • Lease Option
  • Agreement for Deed (Contract for Deed or Land Contract)
  • Seller Financing (Seller Carry-Back, Purchase Money Mortgage)
  • Subject-To
  • Wrap (All-Inclusive Trust Deed or AITD)

Learn how to raise private capital for all your deals, so you don’t use any of your own cash or credit.

This special drill down session walks you through the process of raising private capital for your next deal.

As an investor, one of the questions we hear most often: Where can I find money for my deals? You don’t just walk up to people and ask for money. In this session, you will learn how obtaining Other People’s Money (OPM) really works and how using what you learn in this session will allow you to raise the money you need for your real estate deals. The information you walk away with can literally change your financial future if you apply what you learn! Here''s what we will cover:

  • What is Private Capital
  • How to find the Money
  • Securities Law Do''s and don'ts
  • Credibility even if you never did a deal
  • Structuring the Terms with your lender
  • Real Case Studies from the Colorado Market