What to Know Before You Go:

Are you ready to get organized with your financials? We have Gita Faust, an Intuit speaker and the only Queen with QuickBooks courses for the real estate industry. 
Here is a quick list to get you prepared for the big day: 
  1. Sign up for QuickBooks Online and receive a 30% off for the first year.
  2. Chart of Accounts - A must for everyone to attend at sharp 9 am. The first hour is very critical to set up your accounting software.
  3. Computer - Fully charge, update and restart your computer the night before. Bring a mouse along (and some cheese too)! 
  4. Use Chrome - Gita will send you a customized bookmark, making it easy to access the necessary features and reports.
  5. Ask her anything - Send your questions to Gita today so she can include them in the class @ Gita@FastTracConsulting.com
  • Shortcut to QuickBooks Features
  • Private Community
  • and a Surprise!
We are excited to see you on the 3rd, Here is Our Agenda:
  • 8:30 AM | Registration Opens
  • 9:00 AM | Workshop starts promptly, please plan to arrive early
  • 12:00 PM | Working Lunch  (Pre Order Your Lunch HERE)
  • 5:00 PM | End of Day