Networking & Subcommunities 

 Networking comes in many forms, but for ICOR, networking is the currency that defines your social equity!

Your social equity is defined by the power and strength of the relationships that surround you and a strong community committed to moral and ethical practice in the real estate investing industry.

ICOR believes in the adage, "Show me your friends, and we'll show you your future!" And ICOR takes pride in the quality of community that shows up and actively participates knowing that the rising tide lifts all boats! 

ICOR has created many outlets in which you can network, connect, and problem-solve with and through each other. Below are just a few ways you can find subgroups or smaller like-minded communities to help you build your social equity:

  • MONTHLY MEETINGS: (In-Person or Digital) Held around the second Wednesday of the month, ICOR's monthly meeting allows for facilitated networking to meet the right people, Haves & Wants to do business to business problem solving, and topic-related interest to find others with similar strategies or knowledge base

  • SPECIAL INTEREST SUBGROUPS: Part informational but primarily networking communities to connect with like-minded investors based on types or levels of investing.
    • Beginner Investor Subgroup (1st Thursday of the Month): Join other new investors in a small group setting to share ideas, ask questions, and network. Aria may bring in guest speakers to provide you with additional information on a wide area of topics.  

    • Rental Property Subgroup (3rd Wednesday of the Month): Join a group of active rental property owners and landlords who discuss issues, strategies, and solutions. Network with new and experienced landlords.

      Education and guest speakers are also an important part of this group.

    • Deal Finding Subgroup (4th Tuesday of the Month): The Colorado market can be extremely challenging to find good deals, regardless of your chosen investment strategy. We're going to discuss some of the strategies that the pros are using to locate good deals.

    • Fix&Flip Property Tour & Subgroup (Last Thursday of the Month): Every month, visit a rehab project somewhere in the rehab process. Starting off with each guest will give a 30-second "commercial" and one thing they would like to learn or a connection they are looking to make. Discuss the project overview of the project-specific to the site including "lessons learned." FInally a property tour- 30-45 minutes with continued networking

Visit the ICOR Events Calendar to Find the Next Event for You


    • ICOR Email Answerline: (Members-only) No need to build your buyers and sellers list, ICOR has it all ready for you! ICOR's email answerline is an email-based forum where members can share "Haves & Wants" on demand. You suddenly have 500+ active investors to get recommendations, ask questions, find deals, and share opportunities! 

Start Building Your Social Equity and Credibility by Joining ICOR TODAY!