Calling ALL Investors, Submissions for the 2022 Rising Tide Awards are Open!

Posted By: Troy Miller ICOR Blog & News,

Every year ICOR recognizes some of the rising stars of the local real estate investment community. The ICOR Rising Tide Awards were created to celebrate excellence and integrity in investing and recognize the spirit of abundance – those individuals who excel in investing and give back in terms of information and knowledge to build the community around them up!

Every year we have some impressive success stories among our members. It's amazing how far some people have come in one year from when they just started investing in real estate, and it is our pleasure to honor them with an award!

ICOR's Rising Tide Awards are broken into two categories:

  • Self-Nominated
  • Peer Nominated

  • Submissions are open until midnight on January 1st, 2023.
    Please visit
    to review past winners and submit for the 2022 Rising Tide Awards!

  • We will present winners at our January Meetings, January 10-12th across the Front Range. For details or to join us for those meetings, visit!

(Cont.) Our self-nominated awards are for those who have done deals this year to celebrate your victories or commiserate a deal that didn't turn out as planned. So, if you have done a deal this year, I am talking to you!

Our first self-nominated award is the "Best Deal of the Year!" I often talk about focusing on base hits because base hits score runs to reference Moneyball, a favorite of mine. But sometimes, sometimes, we hit home runs. Maybe the ROI was out of this world, you were able to structure the deal creatively, or maybe you had a seller in trouble, and you were able to save them for a less-than-desirable situation, all while creating a grand slam for yourself! Please include acquisition, creative finance or deal structuring work done on the property, exit strategy, your numbers on the property, and anything you consider that makes this deal a "home run!"

Our second self-nominated award is "Best Deal by a Beginner Investor," for anyone who has done 1-3 deals or has been investing less than a year. The mountain is often clearer from afar than it is up close, which can be daunting for many beginner investors. However, taking action is critical, and we believe your first three deals will make or break you when it comes to investing. Like the previous award, please include any information that will support your deal submission and get our judges' attention!

Our third self-nominated award is "Worst Deal of the Year," and it is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes deals don't turn out the way we intended, but the key in this situation is that we learn lessons with the hopes of not making them again…otherwise, they become costly mistakes. While this award might bruise the ego, we all learn from each other's mistakes, which is why we celebrate those lessons learned!

Switching to our Peer Nominated awards, we focus and look for submissions for individuals who are not only thriving as investors but continue to bring up the community around them. These investors have set a good example, invested with integrity, and come from a place of abundance to ensure those around them prosper as well!

We are looking for you to nominate "Outstanding Member of the Year." I want you to think over the last year who has set an example of the type of person you want to work with, learn from, or go to for help or support. This person never holds back in hopes of sharing the abundance that has made them so successful!

And we're looking for "Outstanding Business/Member of the Year." Again, thinking back through the year, what ICOR strategic partner or business member provides a valuable service or product and goes above and beyond the "call of duty" to help get the job done or the transaction closed?

For our peer-nominated awards, tells us why they are so deserving of this award, how they helped you, or what they were able to contribute to our industry!

While this isn't quite the Hunger Games -- "May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Best of luck to everyone who submits!