Understanding Cosmic Habit Force

Posted By: Katy Fleming ICOR Blog & News,

Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic book, 'Think and Grow Rich,' introduced the principal of 'Cosmic Habit Force,' which he called the climax of his entire philosophy about personal achievement.   

Understanding Cosmic Habit Force
Think of Cosmic Habit Force as the universe's way of orchestrating cause and effect and establishing patterns.  You see evidence of those patterns in the natural world every day - in weather cycles and the ebb and flow of tides.

Hill suggests that when it comes to humans, the patterns of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions shape the path we walk, whether those patterns lean towards the negative or positive.   What makes us uniquely powerful is our capacity for conscientious choice.  You have the incredible ability to shape your journey in either a positive or
negative direction. This means that by nurturing positive habits and cultivating a growth mindset, you can steer your journey towards personal well-being and success.  

Unlocking the Power of Moneymaking Habits
Napoleon Hill's insights into moneymaking habits offer a practical road map to turn your financial dreams into reality.  Here are the steps he outlined:

1. Define Your Financial Target
Begin by creating a crystal-clear mental image of exactly how much money you aim to make.  Vague aspirations won't cut it. 

2. Create a Vision
Imagine the tangible outcomes of having that money - a new home, funding your child's education, or a fulfilling retirement.  A vision statement and vision board helps identify the driving forces behind your goal.   

3.   Formulate Your Earning Strategy
Remember, there's no free lunch.  Decide on a plan to earn the extra money you desire.  Having a well-thought-out strategy is essential for success.

4. Put It in Writing
Document your goal and your plan.  Instead of vague statements, be specific about your aspirations, such as investing in a specific type of property by a specific date. in mind. Treat this as a personal contract.

5. Identify Action Steps
Highlight the actions you must take to realize your goals. Create a list of these steps as they will be critical in your journey.

6. Take Consistent Action
Start executing the tasks on your action list.  Some will be daily, like making a certain number of phone calls or evaluating a specific number of properties.  Others will be more long-term but require daily progress.

7. Affirm Your Vision and Goals Daily
Reinforce your vision and goals by envisioning how your life looks and feels as if you have already accomplished your goals.  Repeat them throughout your day.  This continuous repetition aligns your mind with your objective.

Harness the Power of an Accountability Team for Habit Mastery and Goal Achievement
Napoleon Hill also introduced the concept of the 'Mastermind.'  He described it as a third mind created when two or more individuals join forces with a common purpose and a commitment to achieving their goals.  It's the secret sauce that propels success habits. 

Accountability becomes the driving force, pushing each member to maintain consistency and dedication in pursuit of their dreams.  

ICOR’s Mastermind Program in partnership with INC is where your own personal 'Board of Directors' will help you change your habits and reach your goals. Each group of 5-7 members meets consistently to support  each other's dreams and plans, brainstorm new ideas, share resources and most importantly, provide accountability so you stay on track. If you would like to learn more about the Mastermind Program, schedule a time to chat with Troy Miller at: https://calendly.com/icorockies/icor-mentor-match?month=2024-03