Fight to Kill Senate Bill 21-173

Posted By: Troy Miller ICOR Blog & News,
SB21-173 is on the calendar for this Thursday, May 6.

If you are willing to testify in person or have any questions please reach out to ICOR at

Senator Julie Gonzales introduced two last-minute amendments in HB1121. These amendments went against previous agreements made with the Housing Advocates. Senator Gonzales flipped and started adding amendments to hurt our industry at the 11th hour.

Senator Gonzales cannot be trusted not to flip again and try to roll back some of the good amendments added in the Senate. This bill, in which we have a real opportunity to kill will:

  • Restrict and cap late fees
  • Eliminate liquidated damages
  • Create claims for deceptive trade practices
  • Impose punitive damages
  • and so much more...

To kill this bill, we need Landlords (especially the small and medium-size landlords) to inundate the Democratic legislators on the Business Committee of the House to entreat them to vote “no” next Thursday. You can do this via calls, emails, texts or in-person meetings. 

Below are emails for Democratic legislators who need to be contacted. You can create one email and place these addresses in the BCC of your email so you only have to send one.

The CLLC has suggested the following email (or feel free to compose your own):

House Representative:


I am a housing provider in Colorado and have enjoyed providing housing to tenants for many years. This is not only a source of income for my family but also we take great pride in ownership in our great State!   

Unfortunately, I am writing as a concerned citizen and voter on SB21-173. This bill is not only restricting to housing providers, but it also creates compensatory damages against us. For many reasons, this bill will destroy the housing market in Colorado as we know it.   I, along with many owners are reconsidering our decision to own property in Colorado if legislation like this is passed.  As an elected official, you are called to represent us. This is not a true representation of what Colorado was founded on! I would urge a NO vote on SB21-173. If you would like to discuss further, please email me or call me.