Investing with Purpose: The Game-Changer in Investment Success

Posted By: Katy Fleming ICOR Blog & News,

Whether you're new to real estate or a seasoned investor, you understand the drill: crunching
numbers, analyzing markets, and plotting your next move. But here's what we often miss: why
are we in this game in the first place? Imagine a seller demanding an answer to that before
handing over the keys. Would you have a solid response?

Let's call it your purpose, your blueprint, or your vision — it all boils down to knowing what
you're aiming for and, more importantly, why you're aiming for it. While we get wrapped up in the
what and how, the why tends to get pushed aside, even though it's crucial.

Why bother uncovering your why?

  • Motivation: Your why is like fuel, keeping you going when the going gets tough.
  • Focus: It's your guiding light, keeping you on track when distractions pop up.
  • Passion: Understanding your why connects you with what drives you, making your
    efforts more authentic and effective.
  • Ownership: Without a clear why, you're just drifting. Knowing your purpose puts you
    back in control.
  • Branding: In business, a strong why attracts like-minded individuals, fostering loyalty and
    setting you apart.

Without a solid why, you're just spinning your wheels, both personally and professionally. Ever
wonder why some people seem to excel while you're stuck in neutral? It might be time to dive
deep and clarify your investor identity.

Take a few minutes to craft your statement
So, how do you craft your why statement? Think 'To ______ so that ______' as advocated by
Simon Sinek, author of 'Start With Why.' Fill in the blanks with what motivates you and what you
aim to achieve. For example: 'To achieve financial freedom so that I can ditch the 9-to-5, erase
debt, secure my family's future, support causes I believe in, and live a life filled with travel and
quality time.'

Finding your why takes some soul-searching.

Ask yourself:
* What sets your soul on fire?
* Where do you shine?
* What obstacles have you conquered?
* What change do you want to create?
* Who inspires you?

Once you've nailed down your why, integrate it into everything you do. Align your goals and
values, tweak your plans if needed, and track your progress. Your why isn't fixed — it'll evolve
with you. So keep asking yourself: Why?

Life gets busy – how to stick with it
Sticking with new habits can be tough. You start with all this energy and determination, but life
has a way of throwing curve balls that can derail your plans. That's where accountability comes
in. It's like having a gentle nudge to keep you on track when you start to stray.

The ICOR Mastermind Program, in partnership with Investors Network Community (INC), is
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