Is Staging Worth it?

Posted By: David Nielson ICOR Blog & News,

Congrats! You are nearing the finish line with your project and the last task is the sale. Staging your house with temporary decorating can make the process more efficient and profitable. According to, homes that are staged sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes.

The goal of staging is to help buyers imagine themselves living in that space. An empty home can feel intimidating, institutional, and even boring. Furnishings overcome those concerns and introduce little risk as the buyers will replace it with their own. As Max Maximilian de Melo of America One Luxury Real Estate shares, “Staging is a crucial tool to successfully sell houses at any price point. It helps tremendously overcoming a lack of vision and conveys the emotion of “feeling at home”.

When in doubt, leave it out

Be careful not to overdo furnishing and accessorizing as clutter will make the space seem insufficient and small. As an extension of this concept, leave closets entirely empty to feel spacious. Now of course there is going to be something wrong with your house, so why make buyers work hard to find it? Give them something to focus their dislike on that can be easily changed and agreed on. Paint a main wall in the entry or living room a bright color, like orange or purple, which will give buyers something obvious to change and make the property ‘their own’ via a quick and cheap adjustment.

Curb Appeal

If you have spent the majority of your time and money working on the inside, take a few moments to consider the outside. Luckily, a little effort can go a long way.

Cut back trees and shrubbery which will make the house seem both cared for and easy to maintain, and let more natural light into the house as you show it. Consider painting the front door a bold color that contrasts with the exterior and will make the house memorable (and is easily changed). A new or updated mailbox is cheap and a bit of consideration will go a long way. There are a lot of great pre-made ones or get creative with ideas ranging from simply painting it to match the house, building a custom post or even building a custom mailbox to match the house specifically.  In any case, make sure to check the specific regulations about height and size. For your final prep going into showing, power wash everything and clean the windows.

Virtual Staging

Pictures matter now more than ever. Multiple services can modify photos and fill a space virtually, saving time and money and may be just right for a quick turn.

Our Experience

We had a borrower with a high-end home that sat on the market for a few months. It was in a good location, priced right and had been done very nicely, but wasn’t moving. We introduced a staging company who put appropriate furnishings in, including cars in the garage and driveway. After a single open house they had 3 full price offers. Staging works.