It's Time to Divide and Conquer! 

Posted By: Troy Miller ICOR Blog & News,

Have you noticed the smaller meetings popping up around ICOR? Have you attended one yet? It always surprises me that no matter the size, someone is either helping someone with a problem or creating or doing business with one another! When ICOR started up north in Fort Collins, we used to hold "subgroup" meetings outside of the monthly meeting where you could network with others who were interested in or doing the same thing as you!

In a post-pandemic world, I feel that ICOR's newly created subgroups will be the power of our community! You may have heard me say that ICOR Monthly Meetings are like the base camp of our community, where investors gather to share resources, experiences, and knowledge.

And as you scale the mountain, you want to find others going the same path as you, like our Rental Property Subgroup (held the 3rd Wednesday of the month). Or you want to learn more about tax and entity planning or accounting in our Community Q&A session with Stone CPA (held the 3rd Thursday of the Month).  Or when you want to stop and celebrate a successful week or need to look for a contractor to repair a rental, you can join the Friday Morning Real Estate Exchange to get your "haves and wants"met (held each Friday morning). Is this too repetitive?

As we continue ICOR's Subgroups, I highly recommend building them into your schedule scheduling them because their value will only continue to build through your and others' participation! Over the last year, ICOR has added and created so much value that you might be missing, and one event or person could be the solution to your current problem! 

In fact, we'd be happy to sit down and go through the benefits of ICOR and how to make them work for you! Please email us anytime at! So, get out there and conquer your next deal, and don't forget the resources we've built to help you along the way!