Learn To Think And Act Like A Banker

Posted By: Olivia McGraw ICOR Blog & News,

Launching into real estate investments can feel like a lonely path. Will the risk pay off? Are you making a wise decision? Are there ways to mitigate your risks? Regardless of where or when you begin your real estate investments, there might be a way to utilize tools you already possess to yes, minimize the risks, and eventually provide additional resources. We work with clients so they learn how to think like a banker and set up a personal banking system. 

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is not a replacement investment strategy. It is an additional tool that provides flexibility should a fix and flip take longer than expected to actually flip. Or offer you financial breathing room if a long-term renter fails to pay rent. No one will be applying extra pressure for you to find the money because you are the banker, and you set the terms of your loan. This is accomplished using a properly structured, dividend paying, whole life insurance policy. It’s not your grandparent’s whole life policy. This is a whole different animal. 

To become your own banker, we begin by evaluating resources you already possess and then show you how to put them to work. Are you paying someone else for your car loan? Are you unknowingly using your money in an inefficient manner? Are there opportunities within your monthly budget to redirect your money so that you can accomplish your goals faster? The great news is that we remove the guess work and love diving into the details to reveal what you already possess.  

Next we help clients learn to think like a banker. Banks use one dollar in more than one place. We show you how you can work smarter, not harder. There is no need to simply squirrel away retirement funds and leave them untouched until you’re 59 and a half. Invest in real estate while saving for retirement using a tools similar to a self-directed IRA, but without the hoops and restrictions. A properly structured policy will generate more money than you put into it, and grow even when you take out a loan, and repay yourself with interest. Yes a loan with interest, which is also how you think like a banker. Until you reach retirement, we show you value of how your money grows exponentially when you apply a few basic principles that are used every day in the world of banking. Paying yourself interest is one of those tools.

It’s our job to educate our clients on how and why the infinite banking concepts works so well with real estate investments. Then we evaluate individual situations to see where and how IBC could be applied. Finally, we offer a strategy that could mean expediting your financial goals. 

Let us join your journey of financial freedom by introducing you to how the infinite banking system applies to what you already have and what you’re already doing. As an ICOR member, you have access to a free consultation today. 

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