Like a Solid Insurance Policy, ICOR is There When You Need Us the Most!

Posted By: Troy Miller ICOR Blog & News,

Homeowners, car, travel, and even phone insurances…all of these can be perceived as unnecessary musts. You can probably remember a time when you thought to yourself, I am so thankful that I opted for additional coverage or opted for a certain policy that cost a little more. In the long run, it ended up saving your shirt (and bank account)!

I am always reminded of this by a member, Tom Chase. Tom would come into my office, oftentimes to follow up on something I had a question on or looking for direction. One time, he shared a story of how being a member saved him from bankruptcy heading into the great recession in 2008. Tom recalls the exact moment at the association meeting. It was during the market update. Tom said, “that information gave me enough foresight to correct my trajectory and ultimately saved me bankruptcy!”. I have always been enamored of the gratitude members show to ICOR and its staff, and rightly so! There are certainly other options that exist to get what you need for your real estate business, but just like with an insurance policy you can opt for the cheaper version with less coverage…but? There’s always that “but” had you just invested five dollars a month you wouldn’t be coming out of pocket for that huge deductible. And just like Tom, he invests both time and resources to stay an active member because he knows just how hard we work to research, build, and present the information that matters the most in good times and bad.

ICOR members, if you are reading this, we just want to say that we are incredibly grateful that you have invested in us to be your source for updates and information. And now, we hope that you will lean on us as we navigate these very fluid times. Also, we appreciate your patience as we reformat and pivot to bring information and events to you virtually. We realize just how much you are counting on us during this time and promise not to let you down! Check out the cover article on just how we are adapting all the resources you have come to expect from ICOR in a way that you can access and digest during this time.

If you have yet to invest in ICOR, well now might be that time to look into a “policy.” We know the coming months will be difficult for all of us to navigate with “safer at home orders” in place across the country. You’re going to need access to service providers, up-to-date and detailed market stats to pivot and adapt your strategies, and networking if you haven’t already built up a solid source. There is no reason to recreate the wheel when so many ICOR members (600+ as a matter of fact) are in this together.

Just like those folks over at State Farm, like a good neighbor, ICOR is there! We were serious when we mentioned it earlier, please lean on us to help you through this extremely fast moving and fluid time. As more information becomes available, we will do our part to summarize and give you best practices to keep you and your business moving forward! While it is a minimal investment in your “ICOR Insurance Policy,” take it from our members, you will be glad and grateful you did when we get to the other side of this! Stay safe, stay well, and foremost, stay in communication on how we can best serve you!

If you haven’t already, consider joining ICOR today, Visit to get started!