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Monthly Meeting | May 12th 6:00 to 8:00 PM
"7 Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate"

Probate real estate is a goldmine of opportunity!  The most significant transfer of wealth in history is coming like a tidal wave as the baby boomer generation ages.  Baby boomers control about 67% of U.S. wealth and die at a rate of 1 every 57.9 seconds.*  In some areas, as much as 85% of homes would end up in probate if the owners passed away.  Probate real estate encompasses probate sales, trust sales, conservatorship sales, and other deceased party sales.  Are you positioned to take advantage of this segment of the real estate market?  If not, this opportunity will pass you by!

Most people know you can buy probate properties at a discount and make money in probate real estate.  Many investors know that buying and flipping probate properties can be lucrative.  Besides buying and flipping, are there other ways to make money in probate real estate?  The answer is yes! But most people don't know all the ways to make money with probate properties.  You are about to discover some of the Hidden Gems in the probate niche!

You will learn:

  1. How to get probate leads so that you can create a pipeline of real
    estate business
  2. Learn the seven unique ways to make money from probate
  3. Make money from probate even when you are don't buy the
  4. Find out how to make 100% returns without owning real property.

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