Patience and Planning

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When did we, as a society, lose our patience? Was it with the invention of the microwave? Fast food chains? The iPhone? When did we forget how long it actually takes to grow something, whether it be a garden, a human, or an investment? Success with a fix-and-flip might be one win, but it’s not enough to quit our day job and sit back. The modern lifestyle illusion is that success is, and should be, quick and if we don’t like something the first time we try—move on. Unfortunately, this is a mindset many must overcome when learning how to implement the Infinite Banking Concept.

Banking is a necessary function of our lives, especially for real estate investors. Depositing, withdrawing, and borrowing. But we rarely consider what life could look like if we replaced the traditional bank with a pool of money we created ourselves. Why? Because we believe the lie that it takes too long or costs too much.

Think back to the fall of 2012. Where were you? What were you earning? Did you save? Did you live for the day or think long-term? What if, at that time you started slowly reserving a small portion of your earnings in a system that grew with compounding interest so that today you had $200,000 at your disposal? Now imagine using that pool of money today to replace your need to borrow from an external source. How much faster could you move? What if you treated your pool of money with the same respect you do to any other lender- and paid yourself back with interest. What rate would you charge yourself? How would you use the money?

The beauty of starting the Infinite Banking Concept is that you do not need to wait ten years for money to grow. You can use your money the moment it is deployed into the system… much like a bank account. Unlike a bank account, the money, when structured and used properly, will grow as if it never left your account. This is not magic, it’s simply math. Utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept is more like taking out a line of credit on a home. You’re not actually selling bricks from your house to get capital. You’re borrowing against the value of your home. Meanwhile, the home value continues to increase.

The Infinite Banking Concept is not for everyone. It’s not for those who want to simply get rich quick. It’s not going to solve a chronic debt problem. But it can help. It requires discipline and patience- two words often lost in an insta-society. Those who take the time to learn the concept today, and properly implement the tools with their current strategy, will be miles ahead of their comrades ten years from now. Your conversations will be more around current and future opportunities rather than wishful reflections and regrets.

If you’re not familiar with, or have yet to see how, the Infinite Banking Concept will work with your real estate investment goals, don’t let another year slip away before you begin your education. Your future self will thank you!

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