Searching for Deals in the Colorado Hidden Market

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Right Here, Right Now

Real Estate Investing is by far the best investment going these days. You can make more money in a single transaction than you make at your job in an entire year. If you own rental property, you can build real wealth and retire with plenty. That is why the real estate investment market is so competitive today.

Yet some people are afraid to jump in because of the ongoing “limited inventory/supply” press they hear every day. They are afraid they will not be able to find a deal and be successful. So they sit on the sidelines while others take advantage and grow their business and wealth. However, I can confidently tell you: THERE ARE DEALS, even in this market today.

My name is Tony Youngs, and Troy Miller has invited me to join you at the January 2022 meeting for ICOR. I have been finding deals consistently in the tightest of markets, including ones with more than $100,000 profit potential. A seller does have many buyers to choose from to sell their house to, but I am going to share with you how to have them choose YOU!

A different kind of fishing pond

I will be teaching you how to find fishing holes where no-one else is willing to go. You must find the hidden market in Colorado. I know there are many ways to find off market deals. But the hidden market is different. One of the differences between an off-market property and a hidden market property is a hidden market property always needs work. You get a better purchase price when the house needs repair. The owner does not even know his property is for sale the day you contact him. If the owner doesn’t know, how can anyone else know? In the hidden market, you are the first to find these properties. I find 25-30 of these properties every single week. That’s the first step. But the next most important step is follow-up. Follow-up is key to turning these leads into deals. I will teach you the art of turning these leads into a deal.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate

Another component of our training will be communication skills. No matter what kind of unlisted property you find, you are going to have to communicate with someone. I find many investors talk with owners only to have the offer turned down and then just walk away and give up. Over years of experience, I have learned how to turn the negative into an opening and then a great opportunity. I want to share my proven techniques with you.

Take a look.

One of the most recent doors I knocked on was answered by a man that said he would be interested in selling so he invited us in. He explained that he had recent heart surgery and cannot go up and down stairs anymore.  All the bedrooms were upstairs, and the laundry room was in the basement. He wanted to move to a one level apartment within walking distance to a grocery store.  His roommate walks us through the entire house showing us all the problems and neglect. We sat at the kitchen table and ask how much he wanted for the house. He said he just wants enough to pay off his loan and enough to get an apartment and pay for a moving company to get him moved. We ask how much, and he said he needed about five thousand dollars. We wrote an offer to pay off the loan, pay the first month’s rent, get a truck and some guys to get him moved in, and give him ten thousand dollars. He accepted and we performed all those things and he could not thank us enough.  He got what he wanted and more. We got a property to fix up and will earn a handsome profit. It’s all about listening to the seller’s needs and writing offers that meet or beat those needs.

These things happen every week in the Hidden Market. I have many more to share.

Overcoming Obstacles even in the Pandemic

Our theme for this training is overcoming market obstacles and your personal fears (what’s holding your back) to get you on the path to success. For me personally, these past two pandemic years have been fruitful. Not only have I continued to acquire properties with great profit margins, I have also learned more techniques to use in this once in a lifetime market condition, the great pandemic.

And that my fellow investors, creates success.

I am bullish on the 2022 real estate market and want to help you take every advantage of it.

So…Let’s go!


Tony Youngs is a national speaker, author, rehabber, and active real estate investor who takes you by the hand in your own backyard to teach you how to be good at finding good deals. He talks to an average of forty distressed homeowners per month and has trained thousands of seasoned and non-seasoned investors nationwide.