Sure, Your Rehab Has a Good Foundation, But Do You?

Posted By: Derek Marlin ICOR Blog & News,

We here at Elevation are excited to provide value to the ICOR community through this monthly newsletter. Our primary company expertise and focus is on property redevelopment or “Fix & Flip’’ as many call this business vertical. Each month will include a deep dive into various aspects of this key real estate investment strategy from steps A to Z. ELEVATION’s mission is to provide full circle value and wealth generation to our employees, clients, and business partners. Our process starts with setting up your personal and financial house to achieve any level of success from rehabbing your first project to running multiple projects at a time in various markets across the country.

Much like the properties we transform, building on a solid foundation is key to success. Looking back at 2020 can be a daunting task for many but it’s critical to operate out of a growth mindset instead of a scarcity mindset. Many have faced challenges and tragedy in the current environment due to COVID so I don’t want to minimize the impact many have felt but moving forward regardless of circumstance in a growth mindset will help everyone make decisions from a position of strength and set you up for success in 2021.

One of my goals this past year was to double down on reading personal development, business, and investing books. I just finished the classic: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. While many have surely read this classic, I’d encourage you to go back and sit with this fantastic book. Hill spent 20+ years collecting success strategies from the brightest business and civic minds of the time from Edison to Carnegie. One common theme was to focus on what is in one’s control and not let external forces derail our path to success. It was striking to see how many parallels there were when the book was released in 1937 as the country was coming out of the Great Depression and many had lost their way mentally, financially, and socially. A timely takeaway of this book was the opportunity which lay in front of an individual if they chose to focus on positive mindset and developing their “Master Mind” group. Take this time in 2021 to surround yourself with family, friends, and business associates who will help to build you up and support your attainment of success regardless of scale. We as real estate investors and professionals have another opportunity in front of us just like Hill’s readers did in 1937 as a new way to invest and run our business unfolds in the next few years. The ELEVATION team is here to offer our support and ideas as a part of your Master Mind in the coming year!

We at ELEVATION are tremendously excited to be a new strategic partner with ICOR. We look forward to helping fellow investors and strategic partners in the coming years. Our “door” is always open so please reach out for anything we can do to add value to your world!