The Return of the ICOR Email Answerline

Posted By: Troy Miller ICOR Blog & News,

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

That is funny for many reasons. For many of you who are Sci-Fi folks, I got your attention. And for those of you that have been a part of ICOR for long enough, I hear you! Since coming back to ICOR the most repeated comment I’ve heard is “I miss the answerline.” The forum that was created just wasn’t the same, and you are absolutely right!

For those of you who were not around, the ICOR Answerline was a listserv where members could send out to the entire membership:

  • “haves & wants”
  • questions
  • looking for recommendations
  • were done on this platform

It was a powerful tool, and huge when you would see over 500 Colorado investors participating by sharing ideas, best practices, and answering questions!

It was so powerful that members created archive folders in their inbox just for these emails allowing them to reference information, education, and resources. The timestamp allowed for the ability to know how fresh and relevant the information was, and perhaps someone had already asked the question and you didn’t need to ask again.

One of the reasons that we ultimately had to find other resources was because it got too big. With its expansive reach, the opportunity for misuse of the platform started to take place. Postings not related to real estate transformed discourse into a debate. However, regardless of the few who may have misused the platform, it created unparalleled connectivity to an already strong Colorado real estate investing community! Fast forward to March 13th, 2020. Enter COVID. Many of us went from countless hours of events and networking to now being an island. Alone. As we know, networking is the bedrock of our industry and without it, we are working twice as hard to track down our next contractor, find our next deal, and verify that our lease is strong enough.

So, that being said, ICOR is getting close to relaunching (next 30 days) the NEW ICOR Email Answerline. To help keep the ICOR office and platform a safe environment, we’re setting in place a process and protocol:

  1. You must opt into the use of the Answerline in the ICOR Membership Area
  2. By opting in to use of the Answerline, you are accepting the protocol and guidelines
  3. The first misuse of the Answerline will result in removal for 30 days, a second misuse will result in permanent removal
  4. Rule of thumb is when in doubt, email the ICOR office to verify that your post is appropriate or adhere to ICOR “Haves & Wants” rules that we follow at the ICOR meetings
  5. Finally, create a folder in your inbox to capture important emails so that you go back and review them on your own time.

Please add to your address book (this includes all ICOR emails). Archive the emails so you can reference and review on your own time to stay up to date on all things ICOR and Colorado real estate investing!

Things are moving quickly and ICOR will continue to send you information on the most recent developments and information investors need to know. The market is hotter than ever. Investors need qualified and verified information more than ever before. ICOR and its answer line are back and better than ever!

So, members, see you on the ICOR Answer before SEPTEMBER! 

If you are not an active member, make sure your dues are paid and take advantage of this outstanding resource!