The Torch is Being Passed; Will You Bare the Torch to the Next Generation of Investors?

Posted By: Troy Miller ICOR Blog & News,

Have you ever thought, if hindsight were 20/20, I could have avoided that mistake…that deal wouldn’t have cost me so much…or why did it take me so long to get started in the first place? For whatever reason things didn’t originally work out the way you thought or intended. And for many of us, myself included these are great lessons, well, as long as we actually learned something and aren’t going to make the same mistake again.

Over the years I have had a good deal of educators, mentors, and subject matter experts come across the stage at ICOR. Many investors have wondered, how did they get so smart or adept to real estate investing? And specifically, who did they learn from…and who was their mentor?

When you really think about it, how you invest in real estate and the knowledge you acquired to increase the rate and pace most likely came from someone much older and wiser, and experienced. Real estate investing as we know it today, actively started during the 1970’s and 1980’s. In fact, the idea of ICOR as a real estate investors association came from that same period since information and knowledge was shared and acquired differently—of course without the advantage of technology that we have today.

The strategies that came out of that group of investors was highly creative and have often been revered as the “legends” of real estate. Those legends went on to teach the next generation of real estate investors, including the likes of Colorado investors, Demetri Fefes of Denver, or Michael Jake of Colorado Springs who we highly respect as some of the most successful and creative investors we know. Those two have gone on to share that knowledge with many of you!

For many years, I had wished that I could find a way to bring theses Colorado investors’ mentors to the stage at ICOR, but because for many reasons including logistics, demand, and well, they are no longer spring chickens, we weren’t able to make that happen. Fast forward to the crazy year 2020 when it wasn’t necessarily technology that made it happen, but a global pandemic. This hopefully once in a lifetime pandemic event has helped free up everyone’s time and technology (zoom!) are helping bridge the logistical gap to showcase, quite possibly, the event of a lifetime!

ICOR’s Interviews with ICONs, coming up at the end of January allows us to sit in as a fly on the wall to hear those that have taught us interview their mentors—in what might have been a conversation held in private between two individuals who highly regard and have great esteem for one another.

In these conversations, we focus in on three points:

  1. What did you do right? 
  2. What did you do wrong? 
  3. What didn’t you do that you wished you would have done?

While those may seem like remarkably simple questions, the answers may surprise you with how enlightening and comparable to your very situation.

ICOR has gathered the best of the best, and literally a “who’s who” of real estate investing that spans over 400 years of experience in creative deal structuring, buy&hold investing, asset protection, tax planning, and the meat and potatoes of investing strategies.

Our interviews include:

  • Pete Fortunato interviewed by Bill Cook
  • John Schaub interviewed by Demtri Fefes
  • Dyches Boddiford interviewed by John Hyre
  • Lyle Wall interviewed by Jeff Watson
  • And more

You may have heard me say that if you don’t know these names you are missing out on the most creative and successful investors I know. This is a dream come true for me and for the ICOR community! My message to you is… if you are serious about investing or if you are planning to continue investing during these fluid times this is an invaluable use of your time. In fact, the stories, and lessons to be learned from this event will carry you through your days as an investor until you are ready to pass the torch onto the next generation of investors.

On a more personal note, I think for posterity sake, it is my responsibility to ensure that as many people as possible get the opportunity of the lifetime to hear “straight from the horse’s mouth” to carry and practice this timeless investing knowledge.

Don’t miss or squander the opportunity of a lifetime!