What Makes the Best Property Manager?

Posted By: Chelsea Garza ICOR Blog & News,

Most people think of property management as all the operational activities that guarantee real estate is maintained both financially and physically. While this is certainly the case, effective property management has a more human aspect to it. When the right property manager is involved, it results in more desirable outcomes, including owner satisfaction, memorable stays for tenants, increased rent renewals and decreased turnover, and of course, positive word of mouth.

The one thing that makes all the difference when it comes to renters finding the best home or owners listing their investment is the Property Manager involved. There are skills that every good property manager must have, such as organization, good communication and the ability to juggle numerous demands.  However, the best property managers who exceed expectations and ensure extraordinary experiences for both property owners and tenants have two key characteristics: empathy and the ability to create a memorable experience for all involved.  Granted, a property manager isn’t without a firm hand and thick skin, but first-and-foremost, a great property manager is empathetic. 

Perhaps a hypothetical will help. In this first scenario, let’s say you’ve decided to move and rent in a new state. Searching for your soon-to-be home is a daunting and scary process. You have no friends or family in the area and your first point of contact is a property manager. A great property manager with the ability to understand and share the feelings of others will make your transition less stressful. They will guide you to find your new home by addressing your questions and concerns, provide information about the area and welcome you at the day of move-in. With an empathetic property manager in your corner, your search for a new home is one that will leave a lasting memory, create a meaningful relationship built on trust, and ultimately place you where you feel safe, happy, and at home.

As for the second scenario, let’s say you are a property owner looking to rent out your investment property. Renting your home comes with a slew of anxieties and challenges. In particular, the risk of bad tenants. Whether this is your first investment property or you have multiple investments, or whether you have invested to generate passive income for long-term financial security, the best property manager will understand your goals and help you achieve them. A great manager will demonstrate concern for your situation and care for your investment, while at the same time demonstrating assertiveness and a firm hand with potential renters when necessary. The best property manager will make the entire experience of listing and filling your property a memorable one. 

A property manager is a pivotal player when it comes to listing your investment or finding a great home to rent, and when you work with an empathetic property manager who can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you gain a rare, rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship built on trust. Do not let anxiety or fear about relocating and finding a home take control. Stop worrying about your investment property as you search for new tenants. Instead, choose a property manager who leaves a lasting impression, provides a memorable experience, and helps you discover a house and/or tenants that look after one another.

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