Why the Rising Tide Award is Important for our Community

ICOR Blog & News,
  • ICOR’s community of real estate investors is unique. We buck the stereotypes of our industry and form honest, trustworthy business – and personal – relationships with one another.

  • ICOR’s members will be the first to call out unethical investment practices and offer words of wisdom and encouragement to one another.

  • Our values as a community make our association special – and successful.

  • ICOR encourages members to nominate individuals and business partners for the Rising Tide Awards so we can celebrate these values and send a message to new investors – and our communities as a whole – that we value collaboration and generosity.

You may have noticed that we also have an award for “Worst Deal of the Year.” This, too, goes against the grain in real estate investing. We don’t pretend like every deal will make us rich – and we take an opportunity to laugh at and learn from our mistakes. Our members who are willing to put themselves “out there” for this award are offering a true, selfless benefit to our community.

Since I’ve been involved with ICOR I’ve met firefighters looking for their source of income once they are no longer serving in their professional capacities. I’ve met young families who are looking for ways to build the financial foundation that will create a stable future for their children.

This is not a community of people who mow over every person and obstacle to get rich. This is a community that lifts one another up.

And, in that spirit, I hope you’ll take a moment to consider who has lifted you up and nominate them for a 2018 Rising Tide Award.

You can learn more about the award categories and fill out the nomination form on our website.