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Lindsey Jensen's Fast Track to Freedom

Two-Part Master Leasing
& Landlording Accelerator     

Part 1:  Solve More Seller Problems (and Get More Cash Flow)  with Master Leases

Rental owners present a particular problem for us as “motivated sellers”—a lot of them like the cash flow and tax benefits, but hate the management; a lot of them would love to sell the property, but won’t, because of the capital gains taxes.

Lindsey Jensen has found a niche that lets her cleanly and profitably solve those problems for the zillions of “absentee owners” who have them: master leasing, or master leasing with an option to buy. It gets her mondo cash flow, and gets the seller the management relief they’re looking for without giving up all the income and tax breaks. 

It’s a structure that lets you make deals with people who don’t even want to sell and gives you a competitive advantage that can’t be beaten, so make sure you’re here to learn about it! 

Have you ever dreamed of building a Real Estate Portfolio that you can retire off of? And not just creating another job for yourself by flipping houses, but actually owning enough houses that someday you can retire and live the life of your dreams? Lindsey will teach you how she built a $10 million portfolio in less than 6 years

What you will learn:

  • The marketing techniques Lindsey uses to buy off-market houses
  • How to develop a strong mindset to scale a business quickly
  • Resources you can follow to expand your education and grow your investment portfolio
  • How to find deals with little to no competition
  •  How to profit more from every deal
  • How to lower the amount of taxes that you pay
  • How to get started with little to no money!

Part 2: Rental Millions with Management Mastery and Master Leases

Imagine that providing rental housing is rewarding and fun and actually gives you MORE freedom of time. Learn why your residents are your biggest assets. Why you should "hire them" instead of renting to them. Why systems and communication are key. And Why Master Leases should become part of your acquisition and cash flow strategy NOW.

What's Included:

Part 1:

  • 160-page manual with all Lindsey's rental systems, emails, leases, and documents
  • HOW to screen for the best tenants
  • How to get good results from your renters
  • How to work with contractors
  • How to run a system that allows you to landlord 70 properties and only work 2 hours a week
  • How to get tenants to send you photos that will allow you to get more deals because of how well they take care of the property
  • How to handle "situations" that may arise
  • 10 hours of instructional video to master being a landlord leader

Part 2:

  • 60 page manual
  • 6 hours of instructional video on how to get master leases, and work with owners
  • All Lindsey's marketing and master lease documents
  • How to talk to the owners and show them the benefits
  • How to get a good reputation so owners are calling  YOU!

*As a bonus, Lindsey is including her Lease PURCHASE document, which will be necessary when you have situations in which the owner may want you to buy or share in the equity.

Price: $1,497

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