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REI Blue Print Home Study & 3 Day Event

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REI Blueprint Home Study & 3 Day Event

Guided walkthrough of the 5 Stages to Closing a Deal

  • Stage 1: Marketing for Deals
    • 4 Strategies that bring in motivated leads and big profit checks
  • Stage 2: Evaluating the Deal and Estimating Repairs
    • Know your numbers with certainty
    • Don’t be surprised with hidden repairs
  • Stage 3: Getting the Offer Accepted
    • Build rapport with the homeowner to get their buy in on your price
  • Stage 4: Determining Exit Strategy
    • Evaluate how to exit any deal with the most money in your pocket
  • Stage 5: Closing the Deal and Finding the Money
    • Obtain money to close any deal
    • Learn the difference between Private and Hard Money
Stage 1 is Marketing: We spend most of Day 1 in this area. We teach our probate, evictions, pre-foreclosure, and local bank strategies. We dive deep into the motivation of the seller and the marketing blueprint which includes timelines and messaging for outreach.
Stage 2 is Deal Evaluation and Estimating Repairs:  We teach what attributes of a home bring value vs desirability. How to analyze comps and determine their ARV and MAO. On the side of the estimating repair, we walk them through before pictures of a rehab and have an open discussion on what needs to be repaired, what could be repaired and what those costs are. 
Stage 3 is Getting your Offer Accepted: We walk them through a homeowner appointment. What to say, what not to say and what to document. We share with how we get the homeowner's buy-in on repairs and value. How we make the offer on the spot. 
Stage 4 is Exit Strategies: We educate them on common and unique exit strategies but emphasize that the best exit strategy is one that meets both their needs and the homeowner's. 
Stage 5 is the Closing the Deal: This ranges from finding the money and what they need to know about all of the different money sources available; to the due diligence side of working with a good title company and getting the home sold quickly, if that fits their exit strategy. 
  Marketing Course includes:
  • A complete marketing plan for 4 acquisition strategies:
    • Probates
    • Pre-Foreclosures/Short Sales
    • Evictions
    • Local Banks
  • Walks through the Steps of Implementation for each strategy (guided for each):
    • Determining Marketing Area
    • Locating Your Data
    • Pulling Your Data
    • Purchasing Supplies
    • Skip Tracking
    • Lead Exhaustion Campaign
    • Tracking Metrics
  • Detailed Marketing Campaign (Tells you what to send when)
  • All of the Marketing Pieces for each campaign
  • Scripts and tracking docs
  • Bonus: 
    • How to answer common objections
    • Delegation options for outsourcing
Price: $897

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