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REI Blueprint 3 Day Event

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REI Blueprint 3 Day Event - Dec 4-6, 2020

  • Guided walkthrough of the 5 Stages to Closing a Deal
    • Stage 1: Marketing for Deals
      • 4 Strategies that bring in motivated leads and big profit checks
  • Stage 2: Evaluating the Deal and Estimating Repairs
    • Know your numbers with certainty
      • Don’t be surprised with hidden repairs
  • Stage 3: Getting the Offer Accepted
    • Build rapport with the homeowner to get their buy in on your price
  • Stage 4: Determining Exit Strategy
    • Evaluate how to exit any deal with the most money in your pocket
  • Stage 5: Closing the Deal and Finding the Money
    • Obtain money to close any deal
    • Learn the difference between Private and Hard Money
Stage 1 is Marketing: We spend most of Day 1 in this area. We teach our probate, evictions, pre-foreclosure and local bank strategies. We dive deep into the motivation of the seller and the marketing blueprint which includes timelines and messaging for outreach.
Stage 2 is Deal Evaluation and Estimating Repairs:  We teach what attributes of a home bring value vs desirability. How to analyze comps and determine their ARV and MAO. On the estimating repairs side, we walk them through before pictures of a rehab and have open discussion on what needs to be repaired, what could be repaired and what those costs are. 
Stage 3 is Getting your Offer Accepted: We walk them through a homeowner appointment. What to say, what not to say and what to document. We share with them how we get the homeowner's buy in on repairs and value. How we make the offer on the spot. 
Stage 4 is Exit Strategies: We educate them on common and unique exit strategies but emphasize that the best exit strategy is one that meets both their needs and the homeowner's. 
Stage 5 is the Closing the Deal: This ranges from finding the money and what they need to know about all of the different money sources available; to the due diligence side of working with a good title company and getting the home sold quickly, if that fits their exit strategy. 
Price: $397

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