Providing maintenance and tenant support for a rental property is challenging. RentalRiff will
take care of this for a fraction of the cost compared to property management - and maintenance costs are included.

How It Works:

A RentalRiff property specialist, dedicated to your property, will perform maintenance and
provide support while serving as the main point of contact for tenants. Property specialists are licensed/insured contractors and maintenance pros with a serious knack for customer service.

About RentalRiff & Features:

Our property specialists are contracting / maintenance generalists who can tackle

most anything at the property level. Equally important to the quality of work is our

team's ability to provide exceptional customer service.

We’ve got you covered 24/7. Your property specialist can head over to the

property anytime to take on ad hoc and emergency repairs.

When we conduct the initial property walkthrough, we’ll set up a customized plan

for the property. This plan can include preventative maintenance visits,

winterization visits, assistance with showings, turnovers, and much more.

While you have an assigned property specialist (who will know your property

inside out) we can always tap into other local property specialists. Whether a

specific skill set is required or backup coverage is needed, our entire team is

there for you.

RentalRiff has a shared ownership structure across all property specialists.

There’s a vested interest in providing a great service - you’re always talking to

the owner!