What ICOR Members Are Saying


Thank you, Troy, for the entertaining and knowledgeable meeting last night. We finally met you. We feel like we knew you, due to the info you present on the internet. We've built you up so high in our minds that you have succeeded even more, after meeting you in person. And we thank you, you presented the meeting perfectly! Also, Everyone was willing to learn and participate. Well, you were well organized and that helped. Good variety of visitors and members. 

- Sheryl G.


I belong to multiple networking groups. And have been investing for many years. ICOR is an excellent source for making new connections for all types of service vendors, other investors, and receiving education about real estate investing. The discounts received from vendors, like Home Depot and other members have more than paid for my membership costs. Plus it's fun.

- Jerry M.


Professional, inclusive, and committed to member education- highly recommended!

- Allison K.


I have been a member of this group for more than three years and watch it grow from a little chapter to a rather large one. These meetings are very well run with monthly topics about real estate. When I first started I found it to be a huge help to get my feet under me. The membership is not $9.99 but the value you get is not either. If the membership amount has you on the fence you may want to rethink your goals of being in real estate. The checks you write and cash only get much larger from here. 

- Chris W