Courage to Invest in Real Estate

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Investing in real estate builds wealth for generations.  It provides opportunities for long-term wealth stability and immediate mailbox money.  It is also complex.  How do you do something new, that is expensive, on your own without making mistakes?  There is a lot of fear in real estate investing.  How do you overcome it?

My name is Jennifer Reinhardt.  I work in real estate and have done over a billion dollars in real estate transactions with my team.  I own my own investment properties.  I did not grow up in a family that invested in real estate.  My parents discouraged me from real estate investing.  It is risky and was for rich people, was the perception of my family.  We buy one house, pay it off, and live off our 401k and social security.  That was the plan.  But that plan is harder, in my opinion.  I don’t want to work until I die.  That is a hard path. 

Recently I was able to buy my grandma’s house, near Denver University.  My mom and sister didn’t want the project, and after my grandmother passed away, it needed a lot of updating. 

While my grandmother was alive, she worked as a housekeeper.  She was a single mom, and always worked very hard without breaks.  She only got to see the ocean once, as a little girl and never got to go back.  When she was in her 70s, she got cancer and never got to pay off her home. 

I wanted to keep that little home in our family, so I am fixing it up.  I have other rental homes and work in investment brokerage.  My goal is to coach other people on how to have more time with their families, and how to be able to rest while working in their purpose.  Gentrification is real, and I wanted to keep the home in my family.  My great-grandmother was one of the original settlers of Washington Park, and this home was the last piece of property in Denver proper that was in my family. 

For women especially, you can’t work hard enough to be able to rest.  You must have investments.  Single moms are supposed to be poor.  I want to shift that way of thinking to honor both myself and my grandmother.  I am a single mom, but I get to live in a nice neighborhood.  I can attend my son’s school events.  I can help my daughter as she becomes an adult.  I show up.  I recently traveled to the ocean by Encinitas and feel so blessed that I can live the life I do. Working in real estate investing and taking on clients, gives me purpose. 

The way I learned was to have a mentor.  I work closely with Atlas Real Estate, where I learned how to analyze and run investment deals.  The people I work with have many homes and are down to earth.  I believed that I could do it too.  And I am. 

Now I can run workshops and teach other people how to own and invest in real estate, to gain freedom in their lives.  Join us here and sign up for our in-person and webinar events:

The way out of fear is education and action.  With mentorship and guidance, we can navigate the investment world together.