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April @ ICOR

Monthly Meeting | April 14th 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Creative Financing with Small Dollar Retirement Accounts

"Real estate investing is a thinking person's business.  Self-directed investing is a thinking person's activity as well.  Once you have thought through a system and strategy, the best thing you can do is do it again and again and again, particularly if it works out well."

- Jeff Watson, SDIRA Investor & Attorney

Don't be fooled into believing that your retirement account is too small to deploy capital into your or somebody else's next deal.

Did you know there is roughly $33 Trillion sitting out there in retirement accounts?

We want to show you how to deploy your dormant retirement accounts to fund your deals creatively! In the words of our go-to retirement expert, Jeff Watson, "Establish, Seek, Vet, & Fund!"

Joining ICOR in April is Mike Murphy and Michael Hill of Atlas Real Estate, who have utilized various retirement accounts as a creative acquisition strategy.

They will show you real-world case studies of how they have utilized small-dollar accounts to fund and expand their portfolio.

We promise you, no account is too small! Join us in April, and we'll show you how to utilize this strategy!

Other ICOR Events in April

April 17th | TrueNorth Planner Group Session

April 21st | Rental Property Subgroup

April 29th | Stone CPA Community Discussion- Q&A | You Filed Your Tax Return-What Might

Plus, Every Friday | The Friday Morning Real Estate Exchange (Networking and Haves & Wants)

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