How To Recycle After A Renovation

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By Pete Youngs A.K.A Mr. Rehab

I have done hundreds and hundreds of renovations over my career and also have been blessed to be on TV and radio about rehabbing. I have done literally thousands of seminars nationwide and enjoy teaching people how to save money rehabbing properties.

Here is what gives me some of the biggest laughs on what is real and what is drama. Every time you turn on one of those fix up shows, you see them come in with sledge hammers and such, then proceed to bust out the walls, countertops, cabinets, toilets and more. Sure this is entertaining and keeps people watching, but that is wasting a ton of money and useable material. Here is what I do…

First off, doors with damage to one side we remove and make a work bench out of it, and maybe even install a vice on a corner to hold things as we work on them. Second, I never bust up the cabinets as they could become a real asset to Habitats RE-STORE warehouses and could be used in a donated house for charity. I have also taken used cabinets to rental homes, not always for the kitchen but to mount them in the garage for tools and other storage.

Why bust up a working toilet, sink or vanity? Just because new is always better does not mean that the item would not be valuable to someone who has broken items and would be thrilled with ones that work. Ok, the upstairs carpet needs to look new, but couldn’t you use the old carpet to cover some bare cold concrete floor in the basement?

I use leftover tile from kitchens and bathroom floors to put at the entrance of the inside of the front door. When I replace washers, dryers or kitchen appliances, I donate them or put them in storage in case I need them for a rental property. I am sure someone could use the functioning windows you are replacing. Why are some people tossing cash in the trash?? Old furniture can be re upholstered for a fraction of new stuff. When I replace a deck, not all the wood is bad and I may have enough to build a front steps and landing with the good wood.

I’m just saying, why toss cash in the trash? It may not seem like much to you but it could make a difference in someone’s life. Remember the saying, one persons trash is another person’s gold.